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The Dragon Next Door

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  • Alternate Names:용이산다, The Dragon lives...
  • Type:Webtoon (Korean)
  • Genre:Comedy, Slice of Life, Fantasy
  • Reading direction:Left to Right
  • Status:Ongoing (Unlicensed)
  • Raw Release:Every Wednesday
  • Serialised:Naver
  • Author/Artist:Cho (초)
  • Summary:
    Meet my neighbor - a typical fantasy novelist, more than a little scatterbrained, likes to gossip, borrow things without asking, and play MMORPGs. Oh, and by the way, he's a dragon in disguise. 
  • Named Dragon Kim.
  • ...Yeah...

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Season 2

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  1. so funny :3
    thank you so much <3

  2. It's nice to have two links, but it's really annoying if both aren't working. Turbobit gives the message, max connections for your IP range reached and Depositfiles gives a similar message.

  3. Yeah it's really annoying.
    It's a limitation from turbobits and depositfiles, because you are downloading in bulk.

    One thing we could do is group releases in packages, but we are not doing that just for 5 releases.
    Later, yeah maybe ^^

  4. cant stop laughing =)) more chapter, please!

  5. I know this isn't my place to say this, since I can't really translate. But, the translations have stagnated for quite some time, even though the comic has cleans done up till the thirties.

    This series is some tremendously great and OP series.

    So... what's the hold up :o

  6. is it dropped? i love this manhwa so pls don't drop it :)

  7. the raws are up to 49, where are the translations??

  8. The translations aren't the problem. The cleaning and typesetting is. We have translations backed up and no one to put them onto the pages for us;;

    If you guys are impatient, help would be much appreciated ^^

  9. Are you still looking for typesetter? If so I can help..but I can't draw

  10. thx a lot for translating this awesome comic c:

  11. Thank you for translating this series ^^
    It's printed now on my country and I'm 100% buying it thanks to you guys^^

  12. LOVE this webtoon, wish that it was updated as much as Cheese in the trap. Tanks for working on this webtoon.

  13. Why aren't there anymore updates recently? It's been half a year almost ;n;

  14. No more updates? There's already 70 or more chapters on naver ;-; please pass it to another active translation group, don't overwork yourselves!

  15. I love this webtoon. I hope you guys continue translating it :)

  16. Please update soon, love this toon

  17. On naver it is also not updated, soo is it dead? :(

  18. whats going on? the plugin doesnt work anymore, after 45 there isnt anything translated... pls update D:


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