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Pink Lady

The following series is read directly on the publisher's site with an "English Translation Overlay". The author strictly forbade the distribution of her work outside naver. Our method not only avoids any sort of distribution, but also gives her a bigger fan base by taking you directly to her site. So please support the author and DO NOT DISTRIBUTE these elsewhere. For further details read the FAQs
  • Alternate Names:핑크레이디
  • Type:Webtoon (Korean)
  • Genre:Josei, Slice of Life, Romance, College Life
  • Reading direction:Left to Right
  • Status:Completed (Unlicensed)
  • Raw Release:Complete.
  • Serialised:Naver
  • Author/Artist:Yeon Woo & Seo Na
  • Summary:
    Winter Han is lacking inspiration as an artist. With no idea what to draw, she one day runs into a boy, and they accidentally switch sketch books. Why is everyone complimenting the chicken scratches this boy drew? What's wrong with her art? And why does the boy look familiar?

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Webtoon Discussion


  1. So amazing ;^; Thank you guys for translating.

  2. :) Love you guys! hehe

  3. thanks for your hard work but isn't already translated?

  4. Oh gosh, falling in love with this webtoon again.
    Thanks for the revamp on translating Pink Lady!

  5. Um, why is the synopsis translated on Naver calling her Gyeo-Wul(which, iirc, her name on previous translations), but here and in the actual translation, her name is Winter Han? Not that I mind or anything, just curious =03.

  6. Thank you ;) Please keep up the good work.

  7. I LOVE THIS MANGA! Thank you for bring it to us in English. Your work is greatly apprciated!

  8. Thank you so much for subbing!!!! Its so cool that we're able to read it at Naver with the magic of the plugin, while respecting the author's wishes of it being read there too!!!!! :D

  9. looovee this webtoon! when will season 2 be translated? :)

  10. I don't know. Our translator for this serie (sugarpie) is motivated to do it, but we lack cleaner/typesetters for this project, if I recall. Which is a bit sad because it is very easy to clean and typeset (it's a very graphical webtoon, not much text, and not much text outside simple bubbles).

  11. hi! I was wondering if you guys already have some cleans for the 2nd season? if not, I would like to contribute the cleans for you guys! I've really been hooked up with this series :D awesome job guys! keep it up!

  12. Hello, no we don'thave much cleans for season 2, unfortunaly we don'thave a lot of people interested in Pink Lady so I'm glad you seem to like this project very much ^^

    Here's a link to a contribution forum, containing some information you might find useful:

    Best wishes^^

  13. I enjoyed the story very well. ;D ok then I'll try if I can do something :)

  14. I've contribute some cleans for s2c1 hope it helps :)

  15. i really like this. plz now waiting for season 2

  16. Thank you for translating this :) I really enjoy it. Unfortunately I don't have the time or the talent to contribute to cleaning or typesetting for it :( In that case, I will wait for season 2! As long as you guys don't drop it, I'm fine with being patient :)

  17. You are doing god's work!

  18. Thank you so much for this! :)

  19. Hi guys can u also please translate kubera.. It's really amazing :)


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