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Naver Addon

The addon is currently NOT working with the latest chapters.
A new version should be released in the nearby future.
Use the bookmark (

Step 0: Making sure our server is running

First check if our translation server is working.
If it shows a simple message "{ }", the server is online, otherwise consider installing the addon at a later time.

Step 1: Installing the addon

(choose your browser)

FIREFOX with the GreaseMonkey AddOn
GreaseMonkey (web page for firefox : ) is an addon that allows you to customize the websites you are viewing through personal javascript files. You may not want to install it only for viewing webtoons, in that case skip to next set of instructions.
1. Open this userscript link: link edited out
2. A message will pop up, Click on "Install"

FIREFOX without the GreaseMonkey AddOn [CURRENTLY NOT WORKING]
1. Open this plugin's link: link edited out
2. A message will pop up, Click on "Install now"
OR you can also download the link edited out userscript file, and convert it yourself into a firefox extension with this website, then open it with Firefox.
CHROME (version 4.0 or higher):
1. Download this userscript link: link edited out
2. Open chrome://chrome/extensions/ (your extension panel).
3. Drag & drop the file downloaded at step 1 on your extension panel.
4. A message will pop up, Click on "Continue", then "Install now"
OPERA (version 12.00 or higher):
1. Create a directory somewhere and name it "Opera Userscripts"
2. Download the userscript at link edited out and put it in your newly created directory
3. Launch Opera, and go to Menu > (Settings > ) Preferences > Advanced > Content > Javascript options
4. Set the User's javascript directory option as your newly created directory

Step 2: Configuring the addon

1. Copy the url of our translation server (right-click and select "copy the url")
2. Visit any chapter of any webtoon on
3. Near the blurb, you will be asked for a "Feed". Paste the translation url there with the keyboard combo CTRL + V.
4. If the server is running (step 0), a message "feed added" will appear, and that's the end of this guide.

Extra steps are required if you use strong blocking addons like NoScript (Allow your browser to access our feed when on
Clearing cache/cookies from your browser will reset the feeds. In that case, you'll have to input this feed link again.
If the feed link has changed simply delete the old feed and add the new one.

Step 3: Troubleshooting
1. Where do I insert feed? Can't find the place to insert it
Solution: Repeat Step 1 carefully as you most likely have not installed the plugin correctly. You should see "Naver Reader" and "Menu" beside it on this page if you have installed the plugin correctly.
You can go to Menu>Feed to open up the feed dialog.

2. I can't install the plugin because it keeps saying that I can't install plugins from this site
Solution: Right click and then select "Save link as..." to download the plugin. Don't left-click it

In case you have problems installing the addon, please report them in the forum dedicated to it.

Side notes:

Other groups can easily use the addon with their own feed link, Instructions here.

Do not ask why there's no translation for chapters we HAVE NOT TRANSLATED YET.


  1. o thank you very very much. I appreciate your effort.

  2. I can't make it work!!, I installed it but I can't see any chapter translated, In naver it appears No feed, please give at least one, under "naver.reader.user.js.Console", and also It appears above "naver.reader.user.js" with the options but when I try to Add a feed, I can't click on it... I simply don't understand what I'm doing wrong...

  3. I can't belive it!!!
    It WORKS!!!! :D
    Thanks a LOT!!!

  4. thanks!!! you rock!! m(_ _)m

  5. waaaaaaa..thanks!!!amazing!!
    took me a bit to figure out..but now its become easier and faster!!really worth the wait!!
    thanks for all your efforts in sharing to non-korean fans!! ^.^

  6. OHMYGOD. Thank youuuuu! Really, thank youuuuu!
    it took me a while but finally I can read it!
    thank youuuuuuuuu!! :'D

  7. I followed all the steps but when i paste the feed i cant click on the add button.. i tried so many times but cant figure out the problem..
    please help..

  8. Give a screenshot of your screen when you are about to push the add button.

  9. thanks, i solved the problem. when i copy the feed the (php) at the end wasnt copied.
    Now i copied it proberly and it works perfectly.

  10. The CITT add-on for Chrome didnt work for me, but this Naver one did. I'm so grateful for the work that you guys are doing!! Thank you very much!!

  11. I truly respect your hard work ladies and gentlemen.

  12. Hi Oddsquad! First and foremost, I want to thank for exerting so much effort into translating and sharing CITT. *\O/*

    I think I have a problem...

    When I paste the address to the "Feed", Naver says, "feed is not working"

    Noooooooooooooooo why Naver whyyyyy :'(

  13. thank you for doing this!

    it must have been hard...

  14. How about for safari???

  15. It says that it should be done only in google chrome store and I'm not familiar with it either.

  16. how to add it to chrome?

  17. you guys please help!!!!!! i did everything that i was suppose to but it keeps telling me that the feed doesnt work!!!!! please help i really love this manwha and i really really really want to read it!!!!

  18. Hi :)

    I don't know if i should be asking this here, but I 'm having troubbles with the feed, the page says it doesn't work :/ so i kinda confuse i dont know if i'm doing anything wrong... please, could you help me?

  19. Dear Anons, our "technical support" people are away at the moment. I'm a technosaurus so I'm of no help. Sorry.

  20. In Cheese in the Trap ch. 25 - 37.
    I get 404 not found error on my java script console.

  21. Technosaurus online.

    Safari :

    Chrome (since 9 june) : Chrome does not allow anymore the "easy" installation of custom userscript. You have to download the userscript, and install it (drag and drop) while on your extension tab ( chrome://chrome/extensions/ ).

    If the plugin says the feed does not work (and it worked previously, it's just a sudden problem), it's probably because the host has problems, it should be temporary. I was not here 14 and 15 august, but I don't notice anything wrong with the feed right now.

    The 404 error has been dealt with (it was my fault) : you have to update the plugin (current version is 1.2.1).

  22. i am using firefox 14.01 and every time i input the "" code, it says "feed not working!"

  23. 1°) make sure it's really "" that you input (if you write it with the keyboard, "." and "/" might not be present). Ctrl+c Ctrl+v .

    2°) Make sure an addon like noscript doesn't block

    3°) Try with another browser to see if it's a Firefox-related error.

  24. I'm using firefox as a browser, and when I put in the feed, it says it's working, but no translations show up. This is my first time using CITT so I don't know what I'm doing wrong

  25. Same problem here.
    Using Firefox 14.0.1
    Yesterday Adding the feed didn't work.
    Today I can add the feed, but no translation appears....

  26. Idk if I'm being blonde here or not, but, where do I put the feed?

  27. If you don't see where you should put it,

    - check if you see the "Naver Reader" and "Menu" top right. (or Oddsquad).
    - If you see nothing, the addon is probably not installed.
    - If you see the Menu, open it, and go to Feeds.

    But theorically, you should see a message saying "No feed, please add a feed", and a text area where you can put the feed, + and add button.

  28. I can't click on the add feed button but I'm 100% I'm doing everything else right... :(

  29. Everything was okay yesterday, but today it always says "feed cannot be reached". I deleted the AddOn, added it again, removed the feed and added it again, too, but now it also says "Feed not working"

    Did something happen?

  30. Works fine with me atm.

    If it worked for you yesterday, and today it doesn't work even though you did nothing special at all, I'd guess it's because the feed was temporarily offline (server shut down for some minutes or some hours, dunno because right now it's working).

    I'll try to refine error messages, so you know if the server is maybe offline, or things like that.

  31. I don't get any translations for the earlier chapters(chapter 26 and so on.) Were the translations removed? If so, then is there no way for me to see them?

  32. translation for chapters from 1 to 24 were not translated by Oddsquad, and thus we do not distribute them. We'd need to translate/clean/typeset them ourselves, or ask WebtoonLive's permission.

    If you are talking about any chapter after 24, then I don't know because it works for me. If you think it's a problem, please report in the forum.

  33. Hey guys!

    Thank you so much! You absolutely rock! It took me a while because I kept getting the "feed not working" message, but I uninstalled everything and tried with the "navereader" by Doonge and now it works perfectly fine!

    Thank you so much!!! You are awesome!

  34. Hi,
    Is anyone else having this problem? Everytime I try to read any chapter from season 2, the text doesn't seem to be aligning correctly. After the first 2 panels all the bubble are in Korean, with the English text floating around in the wrong panels. I'm using the Firefox add-on.
    Also, thank you so much for translating CITT! I love it and you guys have done a really, really great job with it.

  35. Okay Anonymous, though the naverreader by Doonge is the addon, so I don't really understand what happened there ^^'

    I just tested comixmaniac, and I don't see any problem. If you still have it, could you confirm?

  36. Thank you so much!

  37. Same problem as comixmaniac,"Everytime I try to read any chapter from season 2, the text doesn't seem to be aligning correctly. After the first 2 panels all the bubble are in Korean, with the English text floating around in the wrong panels. I'm using the Firefox add-on."
    I'm sorry to bother but i can' t fix it...
    Really thank you for your hard work, anyway

  38. Please do report problems in the forum, and provide screenshots and information. There's nothing I can do without information.

    There is no difference between season 2 and season 1 for the addon, theorically, so it's very strange for me to hear that.

    I'll try to help best I can.

    - have you installed the last version of the addon? (didn't change since months but it might be that).
    - what is the version of firefox you are using?
    - Make screenshots of what you see, and also open the web console (shift + control + K, or Firefox > Menu > Webdevelopment > Web console), and take screenshots of everything that concerns server.
    - Upload the screenshots on any free image host, and give the links in the forum (with the most detailed explanation you are able to provide).

  39. I'm using google chrome and I installed the Add-on correctly. I put the feed in and it says it worked, but the page translation is still korean. Chapters 25 and later were translated by OddSquad but I can't get it to work.

  40. Please provide screenshots, and link them in the forum. It's harder for me to deal with problems in the comment section.

  41. Hi!
    Thanks for doing the hardwork and translating this for everybody!
    I am trying to follow your instructions and have come to the conclusion that its because I'm using "LinuxMint" as my operating system.
    I am using firefox, but after I've installed the addon and go to the manga to read, I don't see anything asking me for a 'feed'...

    Can you guys help me?

  42. Thank you so much <333 And thank to the team for their works <3333

  43. I have tried to install the plugin into google chrome. and after I managed to install it into the extension, when I go to the chapter of CITT that I wish to read, I put in the FEED code given, but a message saying that it is an incorrect feed, Feed not in JSON. what is that is making it go wrong?

  44. :( I'm unable to download the extension for Chrome. It worked before, but now it doesn't :(

  45. I'm sorry but the add-ons don't work for me on the firefox any explanations????

  46. I did the feed update on the naver site as instructed and I still can't get any of the translated versions for any of the chapters. I could read them fine before the migration so maybe I did something wrong with the update? Sorry , I'm not very tech savvy so maybe you can tell what I'm doing wrong.

  47. Never Mind. I downloaded the latest addon and it seems everything is working now. Thanks!

  48. Please try to comment about your problems on the forum. I don't check here often, and I'm more often on the forum (and even when I'm not, I get a mail when the troubleshooting forum has a new post).

  49. Your team's really put in a lot of work, first by writing a code which would allow us to read webtoons directly on naver; then this addon which is even more stunning (at least to the tyro that I am ^^).
    I don't know how much time you spend on technical features but I don't think I can thank you enough for your commitment. Still, thanks a lot!!

  50. Thank you guys very much for the scanlations. What an ingenious way of thinking. I can only think of the hard work you are putting in this project.

    Thanks again. You guys are beyond amazing. :)

  51. I have installed Greasemonkey in my Firefox, but this is still not running... do I have to do something more? I really don't understand how to get a script for this extension that allowed me to see the english subtitles :(

  52. I got the Naver Addon to work and also put in the feed. There are translations, but they only match for the first 3-5 bubbles. Then they are shifted and in the wrong places.

    The OddSquad symbol is also not in the beginning, but slightly below and the chapter caption repeats itself.

    Help?! ^^
    (I did deactivate Adblock on Naver.)

  53. Please report problems in the forum, it is easier for me to deal with them over there.

    For anon from 13 April, once you install Greasemonkey, you have to add our script into it. If you click on the "user.js" file, Greasemonkey will show you a pop-up asking if you want to install it.

    For anonymous from 30 April, which browser do you use, does it happen for every chapter, which type of computer do you use (is it a computer, a smartphone, an ipad?). If you report this in the forum, please provide a screenshot of what you see if possible, that'll maybe help.

  54. Can we install it from my android?

  55. Are there any other groups using the plugin? It's really cool. You should advertise it.

  56. Hello,

    I installed the mozilla add-on so the feel toolbar shows up at the top. But when I try to copy-past "" into, it says 'Feed not working!' or when I try just "" nothing shows up.

    It was working for me before, but suddenly on the same computer and browser I was using before doesn't work anymore?

  57. Hello tart,

    did you make sure you could access

    when you tried to add it as a feed? (this is step 0).

    When you copy-paste the feed, make sure there are NO white space before and after (should not be a problem though, but never too sure). I the comment you made, I see a white-space right after the ".

  58. Oops! I forgot to check it first lol -_-;;
    Anyway, it seems to be working again for me but I'll be sure to do that next time!

    Thank you for your help! :)

  59. hello,

    I trying to access the feeds:

    but it is not opening. I am using a Mac computer, Firefox internet browser and have installed Greasemonkey on my computer. The only thing i can't do is open the website

    it is saying that this website is not working.

  60. Hello,

    I check here less often than the forum.
    Anyway, does it work now? Sometimes it doesn't, but quickly enough it does again.

  61. Hello,
    Is it possible to make the addon work on ipad? I have chrome browser, but i can't download the addon, nor access the extensions. I wouldn't need the addon, but when I use the universal code on the second page of any chapter (i read CITT), it only layeres the translation of the first page, not the second one as it should be. Please help, i would be very thankful :)

  62. Hello Anne,

    first, as a "test", try to rerun the universal code again, once you've "turned" the page (once you are at the second page).

    second, please send the source code of the page you are viewing when on your ipad. (google source code if you don't know how to view it, it should be CTRL + U). Copy paste the source code on our forum of possible. I don't own an ipad, nor do I plan to buy one, so I can't do that myself.

  63. leads to "Account Suspended" page.

  64. your .php account has been deactivative or something

  65. its not working at all. It says the link is suspending like :( sadness overtakes me.

  66. yeah the feed isnt working atm

  67. Is there any way to make this work on mobile devices? I like reading webtoons on my phone.

  68. I got every step down right for Mozilla, except for the part where I have to copy-paste the feed because there doesn't seem to be a place to paste it. Only " could not be reached!" in red appears where I should place the feed?

  69. im having trouble downloading the addon (in chrome). after i press continue it says the "apps,extensions, and user scripts cannot be added from this website" am i doing somethign wrong?

  70. Mobile device do not allow addon and plugin to be installed. Only the bookmark works for smartphones and probably iPads aswell.

    Naver has a mobile website, that is optimized for mobile devices (better layout, lightweight images), the bookmark will soon work for the mobile version aswell.

    For anonymous from 11 August 2013, yeah you have to download the file, not try to run it with chrome directly. Right-click > download. It has been stressed out.

  71. Feeling dumb right now.where do you paste the "feed"? do i have to click on something? am i supposed to see a FEED button somewhere? there's nothing prompting me to paste something.

  72. Hi, the "" page leads to "Account Suspended" then I cannot read the manhwa. :(! i pasted in the feed but only the write up is translated but not the manga. Pls fix this! Thanks for your effort

  73. The feed changed to

  74. ummm I dont know where the feed button on naver is, can someone help me? and they said that it near the blurb but I dont see it.

  75. I tried to download the app for google chrome but it says app, extensions and user scripts cannot be added from this website. What do I do?

  76. If you installed it correctly you should see Oddsquad "Menu" the naver page. You can get the feed from this menu.

    If you don't see the menu you didn't install the plugin yet or have it disabled.

  77. Right click and then select "Save link as..." to download the plugin for chrome. Don't left-click it

  78. For some reason when I download it a pop up comes up and tells me I cannot add this extension from this website.
    Also, it won't let me load the plugin into the extension panel.

    Is this because I am using a Mac? It worked before on my old computer but I recently got a new one....

  79. Right click and download the plugin to your desktop, then drag and drop it onto the extension panel.

    If this isn't working (and you are using chrome/firefox/opera) you should post a screenshot of the issue on the forum.


  81. Thank you! Thank You! Thank you! THANK YOU!!!

  82. I have the odd squad menu on and the feed works for all the other chapters but Chapter 48 does not translate and it doesn't say the red no translation or the green Chapter translation it usually does.

  83. Thank you for your hard work! Unfortunately, it seems impossible for me so save the addon file (I'm usign firefox). What shoul I do?

  84. Please don't try to install the addon right now, it's not compatible with the latest releases.
    I'm editing the page to reflect that ^^

  85. Just wondering. Does the readable chapters stop at 100? Because if they don't I'm not sure why mine stopped working.

  86. thank you for the explanation :D it's so clear even I had no problem making use of the "feed" :D and thanks for hard working on chapters and links for us :X

  87. I can't read the latest chapters. T_T~

  88. I'm not able to add the extension on chrome, it keeps saying that it can't be added from this website. What do I do???

  89. I'm not able to add the extension on chrome, no matter what I try it says that it cant be added from this website. What do I do???

  90. 1. Download this userscript link:

    Also, do not bother installing the addon right now, an update should be released more or less soon, because the current addon is not compatible with latest release (only the bookmark is).

  91. i've added the feed, it says its a success, but the webtoon is still not translated...

  92. I don't know were to paste the link
    anyone, help? :)

  93. Please don't install the plugin right now, it hasn't been updated. Only the bookmark is updated, and once the bookmark is fully satisfying, it will be integrated as the new plugin.

    Use the bookmark for now, and uninstall the plugin.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  94. IT didnt work :((( i duno what to do
    i wanna read it from season 1 chap26'
    but i duno i did everything...but still not working:(

  95. Try the bookmark Maryam ^^
    Just drag and drop the star you see at the left onto your bookmark bar, and click on it while you are browsing naver's chapter.


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