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Magic Insulator

Alternate Names: Mo Fa Jue Yuan Ti, 魔法絕緣體
Type: Chinese comic - Manhua
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Shounen
Reading direction: Right to Left
Status: Completed/Hiatus (unlicensed)
Release: Monthly as chapters
Release Date 5th August 2009
Serialised In: Dragon Youth Comic (龍少年 Lóng Shàonián).
Artist/Author: Yang Chen Da (楊承達


In the Kalan empire a prophecy exists, a prophecy that foretells the destruction of the world. The hope for salvation rests in a young prince, but only if he manages to attain the rank of Archmage. As fate has it, the sole prince of Kalan was cursed at birth, rendering him incapable of controlling the power of his spells.

Growing up, the mischievous prince's fascination for magic got him into all sorts of trouble. And now he has managed to stumble into a world of dragons, elves, and ancient magics, in a quest to remove this damnable curse. Destiny awaits? Can he fulfill his destiny with no weapons, no spells, and two servants who can never agree to disagree?

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Volume 2
Chapter 10 - The Demon Lord's Request Mirror
Chapter 9 - Sacrifice the Prince Mirror
Chapter 8 - Comrade, Lover Mirror
Chapter 7 - Fairies are the enemy Mirror
Chapter 6 - The Fairy Kingdom's Prophecy Mirror

Chapter 5 - A Perilous Journey Mirror
Chapter 4 - The Artifact Mirror
Chapter 3 - The Goddess' Plan Mirror
Chapter 2 - Double Mirror
Chapter 1 - Magic Insulator Mirror


  1. think you guys have the chap 5 and chap 4 mirror links mixed up

  2. I looooove this manhua!! Thanks a lot for sharing this with us! *hugs*

    I'm looking forward to the next chap, the plot is getting pretty interesting... ^_^

    Thanks again for spending time scanlating and sharing Magic Insulator!!!


  3. I think chapter 4 might be broken? x_x
    i cant unarchive it ;-;

  4. Em try a different program unpacking program, i tried it just now its working fine for me.

  5. when are you guys going to realse the next chapter ? i mean Magic Insulator is an awesome manga :)

  6. Isn't it still not written/drawn?

  7. Never knew I'd like this so much! I love all the mangas/manhuas which you guys are scanlating! Good taste, I'll be stalking you guys from now on, jk, jk.

  8. Omg, so good *-* Can't wait for more! <3 <3 <3

  9. Chapter Four isn't working for me, I tried the mirror too, but with identical results

  10. Who needs the chapter when you can just download the whole volume and save yourself the effort of organizing it into volume form yourself?

  11. More chapters please!!

  12. I cant open ch 4. it says it´s not a valid rar file?! Please help

  13. hm seems like the files for volume 1 chapter 3 and 4 has been removed from the homepage the 'mirror' link leads to =/

  14. i just tried die mirror links for all the chapters and only chapters 1, 2, 5, 6, and 10 are working =/
    hope this can be fixed =/
    i really like the first 2 chapters, need more ^^

  15. Is this manhua really completed? :S
    Then, what happens with the prince and de demon?? :S
    The final chapter leaves lots of things without answer, I want more T.T

  16. is there any continuation on this manhua, its really a big cliff hanger if this one is already finished.

  17. There are no files within the links :(

  18. Indeed, I can see one file for volume 1 is still working, but volume 2 :x ...

  19. why don't your team or you do something about it by uploading the files again ?

  20. seems like the files are lost, dead links


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