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1/2 prince

Alternate Names: Half Prince, 1/2 王子, 1/2 Wangzi
Type: Chinese comic - Manhua
Genre: Comedy, Action, Adventure, Sci-fi, Romance, Gender Bender, shoujo, shounen.
Mirroring direction: Right to Left
Status: Ongoing (unlicensed)
Release: Chapters - bimonthly, Volumes - every 6 month
Serialised in: Dragon Youth Comic - 龍少年, Lóng Shàonián
Author: Yu Wo (御我)
Volumes 1234567, 8910, 11
Artist: Choi Hong Chong.


The year is 2100 A.D. When Feng Lan is challenged by her brother to play in Second Life without using the special bonuses of being female, she decides to prove her skills at gaming by becoming the first girl to play as a male character, and her adventure begins as a stunningly handsome "Prince" that attracts every female in sight.
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Volume 13

Game 67 - Departure Mirror Mirror
Game 68 - Multiple Levels Mirror Mirror
Game 69 - Eternal Legend Mirror Mirror
Game 70 - The Legend of Eternity (Second Half) Mirror Mirror
Game 71 - The Return of a New Prince Mirror Mirror
Game 72 - Alf and Devil13 Mirror Mirror
Game 73 - To Infinite City Mirror Mirror
Game 74 - White-haired Prince Mirror Mirror
Game 75 - Legend of the Legend: The True Version of the End Mirror Mirror
Game 76 - Capturing Evil Spirits (Part 1) Mirror Mirror

Older Volumes
Volume 01: c01-05
Volume 02: c06-11
Volume 03: c12-c17
Volume 04: c18-22.5
Volume 05: c23-28
Volume 06: c29-34
Volume 07: c35-40
Volume 08: c41-45
Volume 09: c46-49
Volume 10: c50-53
Volume 11: c54-58
Volume 12: c59-62
Volume 13: c63-66
Volume 14: c67-70
Volume 15: c71-75

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