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Half Prince Chapter 78

Prepare yourselves for cuteness overload from the kids and our favorite meatbun! >: 3

Chapter 78 can be downloaded here and here.

Many fans have been asking about Cheese In the Trap. After a discussion, we have decided to drop this project.
Line Webtoons have weekly official translations that are free for all to access; with each click and like they also support Soonkki which is what we all ultimately want : )

On another note, Half Prince is about reach its end so our next project will be to work on The Dragon Next Door. Look forwards to it! ;)



  1. thanks a lot for the chapter and the info about Line!!

  2. I'm so happy that your futur project will be the next chapters of the dragon next door. Thanks for all the work you guys do

  3. Many things for the previous scanlations for Cheese in the trap!


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