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Overtooning down for one day (more if unknown problem)

Google Drive is going to deprecate their free web hosting, which we were using to host our overlays.

So I uploaded our overlays elsewhere, AND because some people were complaining about lag, I activated a CDN service (our overlays will be uploaded in many places over the world, so it's faster for everyone to load).

The change should take 24h to be effective.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I didn't think there was going to be any downtime.

edit (12 october 2016): for those who worry - the problem was solved within 24h at the time ^^


  1. I can access it now? Or its still undermaintained?

  2. I am confused. What do you mean by upload overlays elsewhere? Does this mean we go somewhere else to read the manhwa or does that mean you are trying to figure out the problem? I'm sorry I don't really understand these technical words. Also, thanks for the notice.

  3. So...I'm really confused. Does this mean we read Cheese in the Trap elsewhere or is the problem being fixed? I'm sorry; I really don't understand technical words. Also, thank you for the notice.

  4. It just meant we are uploading our work elsewhere, but it's still being accessed through Naver so don't worry, that will not change.


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