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New chapter release

We need help proofreading for "The Dragon Next Door".
This project requires, on top of regular proofreading, a little bit of knowledge of gamer lingo and stuff like that.
You can rest assured that we are a great group to be in — as it takes great strength of character, and delightful slices of humility, to recognize we need help.

- Doonge


  1. ������

  2. Thanks a lot!!!~~~~
    This chapter was all about Sul and Junho.I don't know who to ship >~~~~~< So many mix feeling here lol but thanks a lot

  3. there is a link to next untranslated chapter. unusual.
    btw, i dont know why i failed to add comment using firefox.

  4. Yes it's on purpose because I noticed there's a lot of people who seem to be wondering how much chapters are left and why overtooning doesn't work on them etc... etc...

    So it's supposed to be clearer that way.

    I didn't want to unveil all chapters because it's the korean chapters and they are pay-per-view, it wouldn't be good if Korean started using this thing to see Korean chapters =D

  5. umm..why can't I read the whole chapter?? there is always a missing part in the middle :(

  6. Thanks for the chapter!

  7. Thanks so much for the update! This chapter was hilarious! I died when blood came streaming down Sul's nose XD

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  9. I love you guys so much for consistently putting out chapters! Seriously, it's so nice to come on this page and see new chapters regularly. You all are the absolute best!!

  10. Why can't I see any chapters? Whenever I click on any chapter it just opens the very first one on naver!! I used to read them fine but something went wrong out of nowhere!!

  11. Thank you so much! You guys really are the BEST group ever!! <3

  12. @Anonymous you have to overtoon the very first chapter and it will give you the chapter you clicked on at the menu

    1. Thanks for your reply, but how do I do this overtooning? I dont get it!!


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