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Half Prince Chapter 73

Sorry for the long wait everyone, here is Half Prince Chapter 73!

As everyone is (hopefully) aware, Nepal has been struck by a devastating earthquake. To help those struggling though this, we're appealing for donation. Please support Nepal with adequate health care services by donating to International Medical Corps.
Every dollar counts!

In other news, our favorite clam with eyes is back! :D

See you all again soon, hopefully sooner next time : P


  1. OMG thank you for this chapter������

  2. yay (bis) thank you \o/

  3. thanks so much!

  4. Am I the only one who feels like these last few chapters are just... mediocre? They're just the beginning part of the series, but done with their children. It's... not new anymore, it's been done before and practically the same jokes are done.

    Also, I would love to donate. But I have no money of my own, so I unfortunately can't...

  5. Thank you *^*

  6. Thank youuuu!!!! the news about Nepal hits home for me. It's my home country, really appreciate the concern. love you nyt

  7. Thanks for Prince
    Download is down

  8. Thanks for Prince.
    The Download is down :)


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