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Eclipse Hunter Volume 4 Chapter 10

Wow...major events happen in this chapter .__.''
It's so hard not to spoil it here :x
Welp, can't help myself, so the picture's a slight hint to what happens.
If you don't get this, then go back and (re)read the previous chapter. :P
I wouldn't want you to be confused nor miss any of this action.
Anyhoo, enough of me talking. xD Wouldn't want to bore you guys...
Grab the latest chapter here~

-Zephynel and Team EH

P.S. I apologize for the delay in Half Prince, for one of our cleaners has lost her way. We hope to find them soon, heh. ^.^''


  1. Thanks so much.......
    Can't wait for the next chapter

  2. thank you guys keep the work ;)

  3. thanks for all your hard work it was a really good chapter cant wait for the ext one
    keep up the hard work and please release the next chapter in even less time

  4. Thank you for the hard work!! I am so happy I got to read this chapter so soon!! Thank you!!


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