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Half Prince Chapter 71

Mirror download links for HP71 can be found here and here.
Thanks for your patience everyone : )

We're back! Sorry for the joke last month heheh

Since Gui worked so hard to give birth, how could we end without witnessing the fruit of his labor?
I hope everyone has recovered from the multiple shocks and surprises in chapter 70!

Gui's hard work has given birth to Chapter 71
Without further ado, may we introduce Chapter 71~!
Congratulations to our new parents, Gui and Lan Feng! It's a healthy baby... girl?

See you all next month!
-Nyt and Team HP

PS please let me know if the current link breaks or if it needs a mirror! I'm currently having issues with deposit file : <


  1. The new host service's not working for me. It keeps saying there's no connection for my IP at the moment. T_T

    I'd really appreciate it if you could provide a mirror, please. ^^'

    Thank you very much! :)

  2. I have the same problem, CAUTION! From your IP range the limit of connections is reached.

    Hope you can add a mirror link.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Um, isn't MIN the family name, hence her name would be Lan Lan MIN and not Lan Lan Wen (which was Ju's MIDDLE name?) I recall seeing and someone mentioning this mistake in the previous chapter.

    And this chapter just made me think why I heavily disliked the Ending and "Epilogue" chapters... It's just a stupid repeat of the first chapters. Only not as funny anymore or interesting. Why couldn't Yu Wo just... let it be... *goes to cry in corner*

    1. I see it as more like the story finally coming full circle.

  4. hehe ^^, thank you, it sounds fun, it made me look forward

  5. Turbobit does not work. You could use mega, dropbox, mediafire, uploaded, rapidgator, ...

  6. If turbobit is blocking your region, use one of these alternative links:

  7. Thanks for the feedback guys! I'll try get a mirror up asap!

  8. Thanks to the person who shared all the links above! d^.^b

    And thanks, Nyt, for the mirror you're gonna provide! :)

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  10. (removed previous comment since you can't edit comments). THANK YOU YU (pun intended) AND ODD SQUAD SCANLATIONS for bringing us this series!! I remember discovering this at the top of's alphabetical manga list with only 5 chapters. Out of the many *hundreds* of manga I've read in my life this has over time become the #1 in my top 5 favorite manga.

  11. Shouldnt their names be Feng Lan (in this post) and Min Lan Lan?

    And thanks for the chapter

  12. Heyo,
    Zephynel here. The translation to "Lan Lan Wen" was a mistake on my part.
    As you can see here:
    I missed the 門 around the 文, so I incorrectly translated it as "wen" when it should have been "min". Here's a breakdown for non-Chinese speakers:
    門 + 文 = 閔
    [mén] + [wén] = [min}
    Hopefully not too many people are upset ^.^''
    Take care y'all~

  13. hi, i can't wait for the next chapters.


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