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Half Prince Chapter 70

It's been a long journey. Five years in fact.

It was our common love for the comedy, romance and adventures Oddsquad that founded Odd Squad Scanlations. 

After five years of tirelessly tearing up books; squinting at monitors to redraw and remove that last pixel of noise; squabbling over translations and proofreading; and confusing each other on what font to use...

Odd Squad Scanlation's Half Prince Team would like to proudly present to you, our dedicated readers, our final piece of work...

Thank you everyone for sharing this adventure with us!

Jokes! : p
See you next month ; )


  1. You will be missed 1/2 Prince! It was an awesome adventure. Thank you OSS!

  2. I can't handle this. I am dying inside right now. The ending was so unsatisfactory. ;-; *cries in dark corner of room* I don't want it to end!!! it was so short!!! \(>o<)/

  3. Ah, the part where we find out Lan Lan's name... It's suppose to be Min Lan Lan, not Lan Lan Wen (Wen is Gui's middle name...)

    Otherwise, amazing work! I can't wait for the sequel!

  4. Seriously, I was sweating thinking this was really over. I mean, 1/2 Prince is, but woah.

  5. Is that... The end? TT-TT THAT CANT BEEEE! They summed it up too quickly. It was just "the guy died, then it's everyone's stories after" no more time in second life for them? No more adventure?

  6. WAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! (TTATT) I CAN'T TAKE IT!!! I DON'T WANT 1/2 PRINCE TO EEENND. *sniff* but....every good story must come to an end I guess....oh well....i still have to look forward to Eclipse Hunter.....

  7. Come on guys.
    Have none of you noticed that they say
    Jokes! :P
    See you netx month ; )"

  8. Congrats on finishing. Although the MPreg stuff still bothered me, no idea why Yu Wo even made that up at first... makes no sense, I mean it's 2100 AD. We have epidurals now that remove the pain during birth, and we have the C-Section option... why would 2100 AD not have a perfectly painless way of giving birth?

  9. Ugh.. my heart was almost breaking (thanks to your joke)
    Well, keep your nice work and I can't wait for the next chap (and other jokes) ^-^

  10. Phew! You scared me for a moment! ^^'

    Thank you very much for another chapter! :)

  11. T^T I cry. This manhua means so much to me and to see it actually end is... too much for me.

  12. OH MY GOD~ This is so overwhelming! The truth is I've been with you guys since the beginning. I'm a lurker, watching from the side, commenting my gratefulness from time to time. I can't believe that this is the ending already. Time sure fly by fast. Although my interest for 1/2 prince dwindled after reading the final novel translation, I still visit and read it. Thank you for sharing with us this beautiful piece. This is one of my favorite stories I've ever learned.

    p.s. Also because of you guys I discovered 3 more stories that I love, CITT, Legend of Sun Knight and Migawari Hakushaku

  13. Okay, after posting an emotional message before reading(I need a breather), I can't believe I was TRICKED.

    *sobs* I SUCKED

  14. almost got me there... >_>
    thanks a lot for the hard work!

  15. haha funny end ^^

    thank you very much for the long job at editing, translating, etc. for sharing with us

    I spent good time by reading this project thanks to you

    It was funny, cool, entertaining... I love a lot, as much the story as the characters, so fun

    I miss them

    once again thank you, very god job :)

  16. Thank you so much for sticking with Half prince all this time. It's awesome that you stayed there until the end and it is most definitely appreciated!

  17. Thanks for doing this! In any case, are you planning to do the sequel if there is a manhua version for it?

  18. Thanks a lot. I remained tricked for 2 years believing this manga ended. 2 years!!! And today I get a manga notification that there is a new chapter update for 1/2 half prince. And i'm like what? But it ended, didn't it? So i decided to take a look, and realise the ending, this joke ending is gone and the manga somehow continues. I spent like an hour being confused af until I came across this. Thanks so much. No really. I feel stupid af now.


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