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Half Prince Chapter 69

Who is who's father? :o
Find out in this latest release!

(or maybe not, as it's a Star Wars reference, huehuehue...)
A chapter filled with intense stares and cutting hair can be found here and here.
Enjoy! o/



  1. Thank you for the chapter.

  2. Thank you! ♥

  3. The ultra dramatic hair cutting~ ...I don't know if it's as dramatic and symbolically important like in Japanese media, though...

  4. Thank you! I love you so much. Thank you for this chapter! I love 1/2 Prince!

  5. Wasn't this joke already done? (Oh and to be a total nerd, the emphasis is actually on the "I" and not the "am")

  6. Ha, ha, ha It's Vader's dialog totaly, on SW chapter V "Empire Strike Back" XD
    "I ... am your father!"
    Thanks for your work, we support you and do mirrors for the work ;)


  7. To the comments about haircut, on ancient Chinesse culture till practically years 20's 30's time was a disgrace and a dishonour someone cut the braidhair to a Chinesse man, the braid was an important symbol, nothing to do with Japanese culture, solving sumo world. With Mao all change, so the Hong-Kong western style go on too.

    I begin recently the manhua, not know the thread related, but I'll arrive at the point.

    Thanks everybody and congrat!!

  8. Well, on Japanesse culture was the samurai tail all warrior was proud, on retirement by age - if you have the luck to survive the battles - or dishonorable matters: a samurai was forced to cut itself or was cutted by their Lord's magistrates like a punishment and dishonour. On Meiji Era this was a obligation by Imperial Edict to eliminate the samurai prestige class, so you can see it in Cruise's film, was the final of the samurai era to Japan. . .

    Sorry for the explanation, but I less of words on the precedent comment.


  9. Can someone re-upload chapter 69 of Half Prince please? The links are dead. Thanks!


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