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The Dragon Next Door 24

New chapter of Dragon Next Door.

You can read it on Naver
or downlad it or
As you can see, we could salvage some ads from previous chapters (they disappear after a few weeks), we will showcase them in the news ^^ (we cannot put them back easily on naver ^^).

Bid Hanging Nine Scanlation Ties of Compassion
Hanging Nine Scans is now releasing Ties of Compassion directly through Naver aswell.

Give this webtoon a try ^^

Lastly, the bookmark is now available as an userscript again. The code has been published on github, so anyone is free to analyse it and suggest changes if they see fit. The userscript auto updates, like the bookmark.
Use the userscript instead of the bookmark if you don't want to click on the bookmark, and if you want it to be automatic ^^
See the Page for installation instruction

- Doonge


  1. Btw, just something helpfull - If you are not using GreaseMonkey (using Scriptish) you will need to delete and reinstal the script for it to work :v


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