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Cheese in the Trap S3C18

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Cheese in the Trap: Season 3 Chapter 18
bad taste

-Doonge (I hated that song).


  1. I hated that song too haha

    Thanks for the chapter! Bookmark's working perfectly.

  2. sob I adore you guys (人´∀`*) Thanks a ton~~~

  3. Wait, is this Shinee's Ring Ding Dong? Cuz if it is, I love it :D It was annoying to me at first, but it grew on me and I love it.

    Thanks for the new Cheesy chapter! Yesterday Naver Translate didn't work for me, so I hope it will today.

  4. No, I'm listening to Shinee's one right now^^

  5. You guys are amazing. Thanks for the regular releases it's really appreciated!

  6. Wow way to go, Jung! xD

    Thank you so much for the new chapter!~ The new bookmark works perfectly! ;)

  7. @ my school, I spent a winter working underneath the indoor basketball gym, in a tiny closet filled with sleeping bags, rented hiking boots and wetsuits that were checked out and returned every two days. (can we say extreme noise and BO?)

    Under those circumstances, somehow I ended up listening to a shinee and SNSD.... and it acted as complete mental vacation while I was working. The music does have its (mind-numbing) place.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  8. Thank you so much!

  9. love it lol i enjoyed sunbae's evil look


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