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Cheese in the Trap S3C15

Hello hello,
Well well,
Some changes were made to the bookmark, without you knowing (WAT?).
This thing now works on many pages like [ this one ] or [ that one ].
It's been said it could even work elsewhere, on places like Daum, Nate or Olleh (and maybe some others)...

Anyways, this is the time of troubles, the time of making this new shit work!
So, we need your feedback, and what better cheese to make you than an actual chapter of Cheese in the trap?

A plugin is to be released soon after I'm more or less sure the new bookmark is working for everybody.

oh yeah... and expect other releases... you understand why...

In this deviation, In Ho is getting his hands at poetry.

De capes et de crocs



  1. works for me!

  2. Thanks for the new chapter!~ xD

    The new bookmark seems like it's working perfectly fine (I don't know if it's related but I also noticed an uncommon amount of grammar missing in this new strip, maybe a quick proofread might help?)

  3. Cool, thanks for the new chapter!!

  4. Thank you so much!

  5. What a pleasant surprise! You guys usually post around 2 PM in my timezone so when I checked at around 6 PM I assumed that there would be no releases for today but- wah lah! What do I see at 1 AM, haha. Thanks for the gift before I hit the bed. The updated bookmark works great. And Min Soo is extremely creepy. . . Very, very creepy.


    Haha, thank you for the chapter!

  7. @Anonymous missing grammar ^^

    If you talk about the chapter, please be specific and report at ^^
    We can, and we have the willingness to, edit chapters on the fly when errors are found.

    If you talk about the spoof, well yeah I'm not that good at english, so please correct me I'll edit the spoof acordingly ^^

  8. The new bookmark doesn't work for me...
    It translates only the synopsis from the top of the page

  9. Ok domudomuchua ^^

    Could you tell me:
    - which page are you on while using the bookmark (copy paste the url here ^^)
    - which browser / version are you using (menu > help > about tells the version I think)
    - Open the Javascript Console (CTRL + SHIFT + K in Firefox, CTRL + SHIFT + J in Chrome), then go to the Cheese chapter and run the bookmark, then tell me what's in the console ^^ (copy paste the console content). Since you have the synopsis translated, a few things should appear at least ^^
    - Switch from the Javascript Console tab to the Network tab, and redo the operation. It will show you all the files that are accessed by the page. Filter those who come from and ^^ and give me the list ^^

    Thanks and sorry for the problems Domudomuchua

  10. Hi doonge! I miss you!

  11. Thanks Doonge

    - The url is
    - I'm using the latest version of Opera(I don't know the number but I just checked for updates and it said I'm using the latest version)
    - What keys combination do I have to use for Opera?

    Sorry for the trouble TT TT

  12. Oh, I just found out it works with Firefox *v*.
    Does it work only for Firefox and Google Chrome? If so, I could work with the Firefox browser.

  13. The bookmark worked really well, and thanks for the new chapter! :)

  14. thank you! it works

  15. Which version of Opera do you use?

    I tested with the latest (just downloaded it), and it works.

    However, I had Opera 12.17 installed, and it didn't work with that one, and 12.17 was saying it was the latest version (weird?).

    And hello Anonymous ^^

  16. I think im the only one in existence that NEVER had ANY problems with the translation. Im only using Chrome by the way, no idea why people use a web-browser other than Chrome to be honest.

  17. It seems I have the 12.17 version. I don't want to install it again though, it messes up a few things. I will just use another browser for Cheese in the Trap ^_^

  18. Thank you for the chapter, the bookmark works just fine!

  19. Thanks for the new Cheesy chapter! Min-Soo is getting weird but strangely more interesting than she was before.

    P.S. I'm using both Chrome and Firefox (on different computers) and the bookmark works well on both web browsers.

  20. Yay new chapter and I absolutely love the deviation :D

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. New bookmark don't work for me on Opera browser:
    Version: 12.16
    Build: 1860
    Platform: Linux
    System: i686, 3.11.10-11-default

    I got error while debugging:
    Uncaught exception: TypeError: 'MutationObserver' is not a constructorError thrown at line 2197, column 7 in () in = new MutationObserver(function(mutations) {
    called from line 3079, column 0 in;

    In latest Firefox however everything is OK, still i prefer my old Opera since new one have less features.

  23. Regarding some awkward grammar problems I found in the chapter:

    "Well, wasn't expect much to begin with" ==> "Well, wasn't expectING much to begin with"

    "I was crazy!!" ==> "I'm going crazy!!" ?

    "Why don't you pick up the phone?" ==> "Why DIDN'T you pick up the phone?"

    "Just how much should I just observe and how much should I intervene?" ==>
    "Just how much should I observe and how much should I intervene?"

    There might be more that I missed, but these were just some I found.

  24. oh grate thought I was commenting on this chapter but I was commenting on 16. SO HERE'S MY COMMENT FOR THIS CHAPTER FOR REALS: THANK YOU (๑´▿`๑)♫

  25. I'll fix the grammar problems Anonymous, would you like me to credit you using a surname, or "anonymous" is fine with you?

    Concerning Opera 12.16, I'll make a work around so it works with this version (and older versions of other browsers too. Please note that it would be best if you update to 12.17, it's a security update (and only that) from 12.16, I think.

  26. @Doonge
    It's okay, you don't have to credit me haha :P;;

    Thanks as always for the hard work!

  27. Why did you have to changes? I only have the chrome server and it doesn't work. I hate changes ...

  28. Erm the translator doesn't work for me? I tested it on a few chapters and it only translates the top (not the manhwa sections). I am using Chrome. Help please?

  29. @kjns-88
    That's life, that's life ^^

    Should have been fixed ^^


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