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CITT Spoofs

This is a compilation of spoofs that we make when we release Cheese in the Trap. Some are hilarious some not so much, some are a little morbid. Which is your favorite?

If you haven't seen these before you might want to go to instead of the CITT project page when you look for updates. CITT is updated on the homepage news first.

Spoof 1

What's brown
and sticky?
A stick.
Kill me

Spoof 2
Why did the pilot
call in sick?
... He had
the flew.
Kill him

Spoof 3

Spoof 4

Spoof 5

Spoof 6 
Spoof 7

Spoof 8
Srs discussion
  • No bubble
You know
this course
I'm attending.

  • Page 1
Today we
learned about

  • Page 2
...... ...

  • Page 3
More accurately
we learned about
how to properly
convey information
in such

  • Page 4
For instance,
if you want to
be consummate in
achieving the double-blind with
a guinea-pig...

  • Page 5
it's delicate
...even if
the guinea-pigs
are aware
something's happening,
somehow you have to
veil the true meaning
from them.

  • Page 6
but luckily
they often don't
desire to enquire
about it.

  • Page 7
By the way,
a veiled guinea-pig
would look cute,
cu-cute yeah,

  • Page 8
    What are
we talking about,

  • Page 9

Spoof 9

Spoof 10
Sul's revenge Is there
a way out of this?

Sul's revenge Jung? cup speaking
Sul's revenge Shhhhh. Don't think.

Spoof 11

Spoof 12

Spoof 13

Spoof 14

Sensing the tides might turn against them, the House of Yoo conducts a mad dash to the House of Hong. With its defenses methodically eroded, will the heartquarters of House Hong survive the tempting onslaught?

Spoof 15

Spoof 15.5

"I can deal with it appropriately" can mean so much different things...
Always nice to know one can dispose of... people... the mature way ^^ "

Why would I be angry at you? I like you. It's just those men I hate." *boyfriend smile*

Spoof 16

Spoof 17

Spoof 18

Title is "not psycho enough".
An alternative title could be "the fate of Nam Joo Yeon".
Joo Yeon: "What? What is that title Doonge??"
Joo Yeon: "What is my fate???"
Doonge: "not Jung's girlfriend."

Spoof 19
Jung would be like "My body is shouting I should do something... but what??".
"Wow I've never held a woman's head like this, that's nice.".
"I believe slave owners used to check the teeth aswell, should I?".

Spoof 20
Sul... Jung!
Let's have
...... ... I'm gay.
  • Default
Sul... Jung!
Let's get
...... ... I said
I was gay,
  • Alternate 1
Sul... Jung!
Does this
make me look
...... ... Nice day
isn't it?
  • Alternate 2
Sul... Am I more
fashionable now?
Like Nam Joo
...... like
You are definitely
not in a plastic
  • Alternate 3

Spoof 21
Please note that we, at Oddsquad, remain absolutely impartial and do not take sides, regardless of whether it is InHoxSul, JungxSul or something more exotic.
We profusely apologize if you might feel otherwise and reassure you, it is not our intention.

Spoof 22
In case you want a massage, just call Jung's Day Spa!
Love is the motto!! ^^

Spoof 23

Spoof 24

Poor Jung, he wants so much to have dinner with Belle.
Spoof 25
Where is the next image? I wanna see!!
Erhm, let's check Naver, you never know...

Spoof 26

Spoof 27
Title: Jung and In Ho's approach to women.
Spoof 28

Spoof 29

Spoof 30
Who did it???

Spoof 31
In Ho is in trouble with the police!! How will he escape?

Spoof 32
Spoof 33
This one is ... The Matchmaking From Hell.
An old fart playing cupid... But hey, sandaime wants a good seisai. 

Spoof 34

Spoof 35
Title: Overly Attached Boyfriend

Spoof 36

Spoof 37

Spoof 38

Spoof 39

Spoof 40

Spoof 41

Spoof 42

Spoof 43

Spoof 44

Spoof 45

Spoof 46

Spoof 47

Spoof 48

Spoof 49
We already noticed Eun Taek was a walking stomach, but I'm afraid it might know no bounds now that Yoo "Follows Hong" Jung (also referred as "the walking wallet" by the oldest members) joined the trio. How much tacos does Jung represents in his eyes??? (look at his stare!!!).

Spoof 50

Spoof 51
"What did he just...?"
This sense of awe when you encounter someone more devilish than yourself...

Spoof 52
Sul's thinking she can just do the "Cheese" face to pull off Jung's poker smile.
You're a long way Sul, a looooong way.
Especially since your mind is not filled with murder and blood, as Jung's mind is... this is not a cheap feat!

Spoof 53
No comment. Didn't expect that. Nice child, but where's Sul?

Spoof 54
So, Kyang Hwan is the Marquise de Merteuil.

Spoof 55
I wonder if posters are enough, maybe Jung should hire some trumpeteers (and broadcast the news each hour on the school radio?).

Spoof 56

Spoof 57

Spoof 58

Spoof 59
Wonder what he'd do if he had a Geass.

Spoof 60

Spoof 62
Always thought they were a little similar, maybe In Ho can throw fridges too.

Spoof 63
Overly Attached Sul

Spoof 62


  1. Thanks for compiling these! :)

  2. LOL! love the spoofs<3

  3. Hahahaha thanks for these funny spoofs! >.<

  4. HAHAHAAH These really made my day that much brighter

  5. Currently dying on 27 XD Thanks! Who ever came up with these got it right in the noggin

  6. Amazing!!! I laughed my head off XD

  7. LOL i like overly attached jung

  8. Wow, I think 27 & 43 was my favorite. Brilliant, really brilliant.

  9. Thanks for this. My favorite was Beauty and the Beast!

  10. how did i not see this page until now? these are so funny xD
    i loved how you included references to manga/anime such as steins;gate & drrr!
    you guys are so awesome!!! cant thank you enough for citt and the laughs~

  11. Ahahah these made my day. 63 was such a cute scene and now its so funny! Can't wait for more ^_^

  12. i cant wait for these scenes and based on some of them........... shits gonna happen.

  13. will you release next episode in season 3??? thk u for your hard work. i love it. and totally understand eng sub. but please release next episode

  14. Really love the spoofs especially spoof no 27 Makes me chuckle like a crazy person LOL XD Thanks for translating, you are awesome! Have a great day! ^_^

  15. oh my! this is awesome..these spoof crack me up so much

  16. it's AWESOME...... ><

  17. NAWW, not you too, i've always thought yoonjung had the lelouch tendency-that timid and awkward character. difference is yoonjung is always cool. lol. nyways this totally filled the gap in my heart between the chapter releases :)))

  18. lol these were so good. I recognized the Beauty and the Beast dialogue (love that movie) and the one of Jung's mom was kind of the same thing I thought when I read that page of author's notes/extras. XD

  19. Omg these were hilarious!! I specially liked the ones where Jung seems like he's stalking Sul because it honestly seems that way to me lol I'm pretty sure he has a tracking device planted on her XD

  20. deym! i nearly died with that inhoxsul and jungxsul arguments..thanks for the spoofs


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