Don't ask for release dates

Long awaited update

Hi Everyone~

Long time no see (post) everyone! 

Good news and bad..
But firstly, I would like to apologies to all readers, fellow team members, followers and even the confused anons in our chatbox. And I shall personally apologise for not posting a proper entry here. Some of you may have noticed that some members and I are active on the chatbox and have been updating people from there.
I have not posted here.. well... because I am slack :p

My sincere apologies (シ_ _)シ  please excuse my laziness

First piece of good news:


(just a little dormant :p)

We have not dropped any projects. Not Cheese, not 1/2 Prince or EH or any of our lesser known projects.

Second piece of good news:


And the bad news? 
Only a few members of OSS are currently active... we have members working multiple jobs and much too much work for others.

So with the our current team size, we chose to focus on Cheese in the trap.
As members come back and we recruit new members we will start to work on the others again!

Thank you for your patience, I know it has been a while ><
Our little team is busy working on Cheese as we speak so just a little longer and your patience will be rewarded ; )

If you you like to help or have any questions, please leave a comment.
No hate mail please.. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

Lastly I would like personally thank Nuggets and Kilasnari for continually answering the anons' questions and keeping them updated. Thank you so much! ヾ(´・ω・`)


  1. I'm happy enough that you're doing this for us. Please take your time, and thank you all for your hard work! :)

  2. Yeah, seriously take your time. You guys are doing us such a huge favor by scanlating these fantastic series and owe us nothing.

    Oh, and by the way, you guys are freaking awesome. Thanks a bunch for all of your hard work.

  3. Ditto to what the other two users above me said. You guys are awesome for scanlating good series, even though you all have your jobs/life outside of manga/manhwa. Thanks everyone at OSS for your hard work and know that we greatly appreciate it!!!

  4. We are happy just by knowing that OSS is still alive. Thanks so much for your hard work. ^o^

  5. Oh guys come on, I know it's a lot of work but why cheese? 1/2 prince is almost finished D:
    But ok I'll wait! Good luck and yeah it's good news that OSS is not dead! =]

  6. Thanks for the update! Glad to know you're not dead. Take your time.

  7. Thanks for the support everyone : 3

    @Tata, We're working on Cheese simply because our only active translator was Korean to English. But our Chinese translator came back a few days ago, so hold on to your seats ;)

  8. it seems like cheese in the trap is a really good manhwa so I'll just read them while waiting for 1/2 prince's update. I'm glad this scans group is still alive and thanks for you guys' hardwork ^_^

  9. No hate, just pure love! Thanks for the update and take your time. Good to know you're not dead! And THANK YOU for focusing on Cheese in the Trap! Phew!! :D

  10. Yay! Thank you for continuing with CITT! ^o^ Have been anticipating for months! Y'all are awesome!

  11. May I ask what members you currently are in need of for scanlating? I would love to help :)

  12. For Cheese it would be translator and proofreader, so ideally someone with Korean or English as their first language. But for other projects any man power and willingness to learn would be of great help : )

  13. Where can you apply for proofreader?

  14. I can't read Korean but my English is very good (yes, it's my first language). I've just finished my last exam (so I have some free time) and I'd be willing to proofread if that would help - where do we apply? ^_^

  15. I just applied to be a proofreader, but apparently, you've reached the max amount of entries so I'll just...wait here. ^-^;;

  16. i'm so glad your not dead. I am a hardcore fan of cheese in the trap. many readers are probably waiting for new translations. please take your time. more power on your works.

  17. sob sob oh god I'm so glad you guys aren't dead!! I know that two months isn't really a long time but since you guys were updating like mad it was a bit worrying;;
    If you get any hate mail, those jerks deserve a punch in the penis. Scanlations are a privilege, not a right, and it's not your duty nor your job to provide them =a=!!
    I pray for your success and thank you again for your continued hard work!! (ノ◡‿◡)ノ

  18. Hello, the name's Zeph, and I've sent an application over for proofreader ^.^
    Your forms are full, so I sent it via email :P

  19. You know we love you, and anyway, what you do is not an obligation of anything, so we can only be happy and thankful. Hope everyone there gets they life great and all success they deserve!

  20. I'm just glad you guys are working on it and not stopping completley.

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  22. As everyone said: glad to know you're alive and thanks for all your hard work! I know nothing about chinese nor korean, neither is english my first language, and I'm no proffessional cleaner or typesetter; and I don't even have much time to dedicate to any of those activities, but I would be willing to learn how to clean or typeset -I know how to use photoshop ;3- and dedicate as much time as I could if you could use some extra help ;D So, think about it and call me, kay? \^o^/

  23. Hi! I wanted to apply for proofreader, and I filled out the application and done the proofread test, but when I clicked submit, it redirected me to a site where it said "Maximum entries for this period" and I repeated the same thing just today, and I did it three times, but to no avail. I wonder if it would be valid if I were to send it directly to your email? Thank you so much.

  24. I ate citt in 2 days..... I am so glad you guys translated this awesome series. Keep up the good work.

  25. it totally fine take your time, you did a lot for us. i think we can wait for a while, don't rush yourself. we wish you luck from the people of Seattle, Washington, USA. :D

  26. YAY! So happy that you're not dead! <3 <3 and that you're focusing on CITT! Thank you so much for your hard work! lots of love <3 <3 <3 <3

  27. My first thought when i saw cheese is updated: holy cow... Finally!! Thank god they haven't dropped it yet. So yeah thank you for continuing this! You made my day oss team!!


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