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Cheese in the Trap S3C4

Chapter 4

In this chapter, the wind is blowing like mad, and Jung has to hold Sul's hand very firmly because she's about to fly away.

- Doonge


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    The direct link to the chapter isn't up on Oddsquad's CITT page yet but its accessible if you search for chapter 4 on the Naver site and then click the translate button :)

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    The deviations always crack me up. Thanks for the chapter!

  5. After this chapter I like Sul even more xD that middle finger scene haha
    Thanks for you update !!

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  9. I like those deviations lol.

    Thank you for the new release! <3
    Hehe, I love the JungxSul interaction.

  10. Is it just me or does the plugin "link" thing not work on Chrome. Is it just me? I have to use Firefox to read it :(

  11. no entiendo como hacer para ver todo el capitulo traducido me pordria alguien explicar??? por favor

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  13. Weird... I always read on Chrome but never had that problem... Ask Doonge?

  14. I had that same problem in the beginning, but if you drag the star icon on the page up to your bookmarks bar, the translations will work. Just go to the chapter and then hit on the new bookmark. VOILA! Instant translate.

  15. I've been searching translated chapters of this manga,, and since i found this website i read all chapters in two weeks!! and im very excited for the next once X3 ,,, you gays are doing awesome work, thanks for this great effort ^^ KEEP IT UP,,

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  16. When will the next chapter come? Been waiting for it since two months ;_;

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