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The Dragon Next Door 11

It's been some time now that it is available through the bookmark, but we didn't make a news yet.

There's an ad that is visible during some time each time a new chapter is released. Here's the ad for this chapter (we found it elsewhere, because it had already disappeared) :

There's no downloadable link for the moment, the chapter is accessible through
We will edit this news as soon as the chapter has been uploaded on mediafire or this kind of website (I'm clueless!).

Happy reading.


  1. w8ting for the link

  2. There seems to be a little typo in this chapter (I read on naver using the script)
    In the second half of the chapter (chapter 12) when they talk about the old dragon that Kim wrote about he said "He says the ame thing over and over and over again." should be "same"
    Not really sure where to post it so...yeah xD

  3. Haha, that ad makes me wonder if Rose Dragon is just from an MMORPG or an actual dragon.

    Thanks for the chapter, Odd Squads! I got some giggles.

  4. Typo fixed, thanks Anonymous ^^

  5. So awesome, thanks for this chapter!

  6. Thanks for fixing the typo ^^
    Uhm T^T sorry to bother again but I think there's another one
    when dragon kim talks about the character he wrote about in his book and the main character asked to meet him he says "Yeah. But he' senile." it should be he's


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