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Cheese in the Trap S2C48

Chapter 48

Heya people, it's been a while.
This chapter currently works only with the bookmark.
The plugin will come later, functionalities keep being added (latest suggestion from BlackHorus, the translator of Cheese in the Trap, is to make it work with Daum).

As one person uploaded our work somewhere else, we had to pause and think a bit.
Because we like Cheese in the Trap, and because Soonki showed she was very sensible about her work and did not want it to be released outside of Naver, we took extra measures. Our work is not intended to be released outside of Naver.
However, it is hard to enforce, and let's not be hypocritical: we ourselves take liberties as well.
But since we are the ones doing the work AND taking the risks, we have to enforce it further, or drop the project if we are convinced enforcing doesn't work.

Consequence of this, extra work has to be brought to the plugin, and fewer devices can make it work (right now, it is broken for iPads and iPhones, but we will try to fix this).

If you want to upload our work elsewhere, my advice would be for you to WAIT until we complete the series.
Now, uploading our work elsewhere should be harder and more annoying. Sorry douchebag, but we have to do it if we want to continue working on Cheese in the Trap. Everyone's time is wasted.

- Doonge


  1. Thanks so much. I hope one douchebag doesn't ruin it for all of us... I wish more groups (cough cough....webtoon live) would have chosen this option rather than scanning until the authors got pissed off and then dropping the series...

  2. hahhh, nope, I can't read it, the bookmark isn't working for it, for me at least

  3. svines85, one of our subdomain was locked down for a very short amount of time, so maybe that's why it didn't work for you.

    Could you tell me if it works now for you, and if not, if at least you see "Naver Reader" written near the top?

  4. I am getting the "Naver Reader"" when I click the bookmark, but no, still not the translation

  5. which browser do you use? and is your browser able to use flash?

  6. using google chrome, this is the first I've had problems with it. and I checked, it's not just this chapter, it's not working for the previous ones either now.......I was just rereading it yesterday and was fine then

  7. Thank you very much for the new chapter!

    I'm using the bookmark with Mozilla, but the translation that's showing is very... fuzzy? To the point where it's almost unreadable.This is the first time it happened to me, is this supposed to happen?

  8. I just checked on chrome, it works for me.
    I changed the code loaded by the bookmark, so I suppose that's why even the older chapters do not work for you.

    However, since even the old chapters do not work for you, I'm a little bit puzzled =p
    Could you open the Javascript console on Chrome (menu > tools > javascript console), and report to me what's happening during what you do?
    If there's a problem, it should be logged in the javascript console =)

  9. and for tart, no it's not supposed to look fuzzy at all, although I suppose it may happen if the window is stretched or something. What is your screen resolution?

    Could you provide a screenshot, so I might guess what's the problem?

  10. @Doonge

    The translated speech bubbles aren't placed in the speech bubbles?

  11. ok, i've looked again and the previous chapters do work with the bookmark. sorry about that, I checked on ch 47 when I first found 48 wouldn't work and it didn't work then.....but maybe that was the subdomain thing you were talking about before.

    I've opened the javascript console and in red it says "failed to load resource"
    "Port: Could not establish connection, Recieving end does not exist"

  12. @tart
    it's because your window streches the images. What is your resolution? Have you activated an option to zoom out?
    The overlay are at the "right" (the original) size. They are bigger than the raws apparently, since the translated speech bubbles are beneath the bubbles. It means your raws are squished.
    Please type about:config in firefox, and search for "layout.css.devpixelsperpx" (you won't change anything yet, so it's safe). Tell me what is your current value for "layout.css.devpixelsperpx"

    which resource failed to load? Was that the full message?

  13. @tart
    also, what is your resolution?
    Are you using a device that runs lower than 700 pixel wide? The raws are 690px wide. Maybe they are squished if you run under this.
    I think I can make it so the overlay are squished aswell (like it was for the previous chapters), if that's what your problem is (if it's a resolution problem).

  14. @Doonge

    It's really strange since I can read previous chapters just fine with the English translation. My resolution is 1024x 768.

  15. i think that's the full message, yeah. though I see "last error: 29" on there a few times as well

  16. Thank you so much! ^.^

  17. ok, well, i resolved my problem by downloading's fine on that for me. I swear, I like chrome and all but it sure has some glitches. thanks again :)

  18. I hope the idiot who uploaded it stops being such a a moron - I will be furious if it gets dropped because of douchebags' idiocy ( in a " polite" way)

  19. Sorry to bother you. Bookmark metod is not working for me. I use firefox. downloaded google chrome - same issue.
    I tried drag/drop the star. I forgot how to open panel to add java script, that is written in "if dragging and dropping of the star is not working", so that metod I did not tried.
    previous chapters with bookmark metod is not working (all is fine by feed browser plugin). Thanks in advance for your help. And thak you for the hard work.

  20. PS
    about dude, that uploaded your releases... I am scanlater as well, and have been in such situations before. there is a high possibility that HE (that bustard) did not read your warning in this article. In such situations I install warnings in easy place to see and with big bold letters. And the best metod - is to contact HIM directly

  21. Hi, Kalich

    Did you update your bookmark to the newest one?
    Delete your old bookmark and add the "OSS Naver Translator" that is currently on our page.

    Good luck! :)

  22. hmm... I understand your words, but I can't undarstand what should I do. What is "delete old bookmark" (how do I do that?)? What is "OSS Naver Translator"? where is it " currently on our page"?
    Maybe I am stupid, or blind, or my browser do not show it?

  23. Hello, can't get the bookmark to work.
    Here's how it looks:

  24. I doesn't work for me on mozilla, there is naver reader but no translation...
    It works just fine for the other chapters too...

  25. @tart and @grayraven
    I think I know why this happen:
    please adjust your zoom level to 100% (no zoom).
    Play with "CTRL +" or "CTRL -" or "CTRL + scroll" to see how that effects the overlays.

    I'm not sure the error you mentionned from the javascript console comes from the bookmark. Have you Google "Chrome to Phone Extension" installed? Does this error spawn anytime or precisely when you launch the bookmark?

    to make the bookmark work, you have to drag and drop it on your bookmark bar (where I see "manga" and "anime" folders for instance ^^), and it should add a bookmark there. Check if you see a new "Naver Translate" bookmark in your bookmark folder, or in your bookmark bar.
    If you are really sure you an't drag and drop, you can just create a new bookmark, you don't need to open the javascript console. To create a new bookmark, you right-click on the bookmark bar, and choose "new bookmark". Put "Naver Translate" (or whatever) in the name field, and the code written at in the adress field. Once it's done, your bookmark is good to use.

    Using the bookmark is a bit different than the plugin: the plugin is fully automated, the bookmark is not. To use the bookmark, you have to first go on the Cheese chapter and then click on your bookmark =)

  26. @anonymous
    just before using the bookmark, please open the network window (Menu > Web development > Network).
    Then run the bookmark, and describe what is happening in the network.
    I need to know if a file named "OSSLoader.swf" is loaded or not, and if you see files whose names is just numbers (01, 02, 03...).


  27. Well, sorry nevermind I used chrome and it worked, thank you ^^

  28. @Doonge You were right. I zoomed out several times and then the translations appeared at the correct spaces =)
    thank you very much for your help^^

  29. I could read it just fine using Mozilla, thank you for the new chapter!

    I usually use Chrome but I had to switch to Mozilla for this chapter, even if It works with Chrome the translation takes a while to load and the scrolling at least for me is not fluid at all and freezes really frequently, not sure if that's my problem though, it never happened before.

  30. Doonge, thanks a mistake was - needed to"to drag and drop it on your bookmark bar". Watching video and reading instructions made me think to drag/drop on a header of opened bookmark of OddSquad.

  31. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  32. Thank you so much for uploading! I am currently using chrome and every time I press the bookmark the page freezes and becomes unresponsive. I tested out other chapters and they seem to work fine (also other webcomics like TDND)

  33. I'll try to fix the freeze on chrome, i think I know why it happens ^^

  34. Thank you for the update! At first I had a lot of trouble with the text not being in the right place but after fixing my zoom it works perfect. It is a bit weird that I never had an issue with it before though...anyway thanks for all the work! I love cheese.

  35. Thanks again for your hard work! Intense chapter. The whole situation between AP Huh and Hyung definitely broke my heart though. :<

    Haha. great job! :)

  36. The farther i read the story, the less i like Jung.
    I think he has seriously horrible personality with huge problems.

    Saying that to AP Huh and Hyung, and than threatening the outcome.
    I hope AP Huh and Hyung will get back together.

    And i also hope that Jung will end up losing everything, and be crushed for all without happy ending.


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