Don't ask for release dates

Urgent need for Translators and Proofreaders for Eclipse Hunter

Dear All,

As we have previously mentioned, we need more translators and proofreaders for Eclipse Hunter. However, the response to previous recruitment messages has been dismal.

Unfortunately, it has come to the stage of critical staff shortage. 

If we are unable to recruit translators and proofreaders for Eclipse Hunter, we will be forced to drop it.

So if you want your beloved series to continue, please click on the bright yellow "Join Us" tab on the left and apply today!



  1. ohmygod NO!!! D: I love Eclipse Hunter and there are only two novels left! Those cliffhangers are killing me.. I would try out as a proofreader but I'm starting college soon D: Can I make contributions instead? But at the forum proofreading contributions aren't allowed, but if you guys are desperate...

  2. I'm working on the proofreader test. I will have it done this weekend.


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