Don't ask for release dates

Eclipse Hunter v04c03

Daren Solaris sits forlornly in the dusty corner of OSS, polishing his scythe to a shining gleam.

If he does that any longer, it will get polished down to the size of a needle. Theodore keeps his thoughts to himself in the presence of the two brothers. Talk less, live longer... 

"Dar, what's the matter?" Devon hovers around Dar, full of concern.

Looking up with tears brimming in his wide puppy-dog eyes, Dar replies, "Gege, I'm not getting any stage time. I want to fight, but those people won't let me! They won't tell my story!"

Devon whips around, his BHP09 handgun pointed right at your face. As you are treated to an intimate view of the barrel of his vintage gun, he bites out in a dispassionately cold voice, "The lack of staff for our story has made Dar upset. Join OSS now! Or else..."


After losing some staff members to real life, we've struggled to polish this chapter of Eclipse Hunter to a level that is fit for viewing.

It is now available here.

As you are already aware, we are in dire need of proofreaders and translators for Eclipse Hunter.

Until we get some badly needed fresh blood, I'm just going to repeat myself like a goldfish with a three second memory.

*Blub* If we are unable to recruit new staff for Eclipse Hunter, this may be the last release you'll ever lay your eyes on! *Blub blub*

If you don't want Devon to haunt you in your dreams, please apply to join our aquarium of goldfishes today!



  1. Don't make it the last release. I relly like this story. If I can chinese language I will help but unfortunatelly I don't know it

  2. I am unable to read Chinese well, but I have no problems hearing it. If you guys are truly desperate, then I can use Google Translate and listen to the raws.


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