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Chinese Translators Wanted

Dear Reader~
If you are a kind soul with proficiency in both the Chinese and English language please apply via this link:

We are recruiting Chinese translators for:
Paper-based Manga -  Half Prince, Unique Legend
Novel - Eclipse Hunter

Our team is divided by project so you can choose the project you want to work on. That also means scanlating one doesn't affect the speed of another, if anything is slow it's because there aren't enough readers volunteering to help us!

On a side note if the genre: dark medieval fantasy, action, adventure, political intrigue, conspiracies and horror interest you, you may also want to apply as a translator for our upcoming Chinese project (since half prince will be ending soon).

Here's a preview~
We're hiring proofreaders, typesetters and cleaners for this project as well.
Of course, the usual recruitment add is still up on the notice box above.

P.S We are accepting contributions from passing readers who don't want to join the team but would like to speed up our projects by helping us a little bit. 

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