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Cheese in the Trap S2C41

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This will be final and no more changes to the feed will be made (at least the version) since we are using our own domain this time.

The bookmarks and the javascript have been reposted. 

S2 Chapter 41



  1. Thank you very much !! Great Chapter :D keep up the good work ^^

  2. Nice idea to point to a subdomain of =p

    This deviation is really evil.

    Ap Huh will be furious and break up with poor honey, Honey doesn't really like Jung (he's wary!), and finally the nail in the coffin for Jung: it shows Sul isn't really jealous.

    What a nightmare you are giving me, whoever did that one is insensitive!!

    On the good side, maybe it will tingle Sul's ero-sense.
    Maybe she's into BL.

  3. Oh ho~ A little jealous are we, Sung? xDDD

    Thank you so much for the awesome release! =)

  4. thank you so much ^_^

  5. THANKS :) a lot for Cheese in the trap :))

  6. Urp, the thought of going near a totally wasted, crying and slobbering Joo Young hyung... I...
    gaah that's gross XD

    Jung's look of horror kills me >:D

  7. What is that thing about moving your feed to When I click on the link the only thing that appears is this "{}" in the upper left corner.

  8. It's for the plugin

    If other teams adopt this system for some of their projects, they can set up their own feed, and you can be following many feeds at once with the plugin, who's loading the overlays automatically (you don't have to click on a bookmarklet).


    To have a glimpse on how the magic works, try this url for the feed:

  9. How to read full episode...
    I mean I am reading it from phone... If I click the picture it goes to naver... Unable to read...


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