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Cheese in the Trap S2C35

Some slight changes have been committed to the chapter 34, to render it a little bit more like this.
Anyway, you can read chapter 35 directly on Naver.

the dinner

Poor Jung, he wants so much to have dinner with Belle.

Happy reading.



  1. I never commented before but...

    *Clap clap clap*

    I bow to your genius!! That deviation was better than the chapter itself.

    Anyway, thanks for the lighting-speedy updates. I actually started reading the comic, like, yesterday, but I can already see how much effort you guys put into it. You are heroes!

  2. thank you for cheese :))!

  3. thanks!!! Im waiting more momemts like today between sul and jung!! awwwwwww I want them to be all lovey-dovey! hahaha kisses!!

  4. Hahaha, I don't know why you keep calling these chapter sinister, when I can't help but find them nothing but d'awwww-worthy! >3<

    Thank you so much for the lovely new chapter!~ =D

  5. Loved the Beauty and the Beast thing. The long version of it was a bit, well, long but nobody is forced to look at the long version. Still neat.

  6. LOL! Congrats for the B&B things.
    You guys're awesome.


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