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Cheese in the Trap S2C32

The big racing rally
Chapter 32

Intense chapter, dialogs come fast and furious here.
Careful Sul and Jung, you don't want any accident to happen at the end of the road! (uh, oh! *wink* *wink*).

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  1. thank u so much! sorry i can't leave you long messages, you know, i'm not good with the language. but you always make me happy with the u from argentina!!!

  2. omyyygod!!
    GO SUL GO!
    AND GO ODDSQUAD! i love you

  3. Haha, way to go Sul! Show it to him! I just loved his dumbfolded expresssion xDDD

    Thank you so much for the new chapter!~

  4. Loved this chapter! I was mentally shouting: go sul!! don´t act all meek and just tell him what an "#! he is being! Thank you so much oddsquad. Love and kisses from Chile.

  5. I luv it! thanks for the chapter... the best thing of my day

  6. thank you very much for Cheese Chapter :)!

  7. DAMN, if only manga women were 1/10th the woman Sul was, I wouldn't facepalm so darn much reading other stories. Thanks a lot for the chapter, as always =0).

  8. thank you again for the new chapter! god bless and good health from Philippines!


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