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Cheese in the Trap S2C30.5 (S2 Extra 2)

throwing a kiss
Extra 2

This chapter was very pleasant to work with.



  1. Haha, thanks so much for the new chapter! xD

    (Btw, what was it that Jung was trying to learn how to make from the cleaning lady?)

  2. In the earlier chapters, Jung offers to pay for Sul food, so she brings him in a convenience store, tobuy cheap food. She notices he doesn't know how to eat convenience food, and how to peel of the bag around the food (neatly packed).

    Later on, he proposes to Sul to study a little bit together, and take this same food (with the bomb one) so they can eat (and he shows he's handy, he brings food). He then show he can now peel the thing they are eating. He's showing off, and is apparently seeking appraisal. So Sul claps her hand awkwardingly, and Jung seems happy. And says "I practiced a bit".

    This passage shows you (probaly not seriously =p) in what conditions he practiced ^^

  3. Sorry for my english, I'm not a translator or a proofer xD

    Hope you understand =p

  4. Oh! I understand now lol. Thanks so much for the awesome explanation! xD

  5. thank you for extra cheese!

  6. Lol, this is a great chapter. It brings some insight to Eun Tak (always makes me lol, this time was not exception). I hope he appears more later.

    Thanks for translating :D

  7. i laughed a lot while reading the entire chapter especially when ap huh ahjussi and soonkki sit together and complained about sul haha

  8. LOL So that's how Jung a creepy way.

    Awe baby Eun Taek :-*


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