Don't ask for release dates

Need more staff~

Hello people,
I think its about time we get some more helping hand. Tests for new applicants are now available online (with links to guides for newbies, where applicable). So apply if you are interested in any of the following:

Cheese in the trap - we are 20 chapters ahead in translation, but cleaning and typesetting is currently slowing us down! So if you think you can do it, try applying as a cleaner/typesetter!

1/2 Prince - Proofreader (we have like 1 person actively proofing).

Do you see grammatical errors, abnormal sentence construction and autocorrect it in your head when you read scanlation? (did you just autocorrect "it" to "them"?) Then please apply!

Eclipse Hunter - Both novel proofreaders and translators are direly needed!

Lastly, If you happen to be type that don't like joining scanlation groups and would like to help once or twice, we are accepting Contributions on the forums (registration needed)



  1. Hello, I'd like to help you with Cheese in the Trap, but I can't download Manga Cleaning Test. What should I do? Will Webtoon Cleaning and Typesetting Test be enough?

  2. Yes since cheese in the trap is a webtoon.

  3. Is there a deadline for the proofreader position 'cause it seems like a lot of work and I'm not sure I would finish on time?

  4. I just learned how to clean the two Cheese scans (downloaded Photoshop CS2 yesterday); however, I don't have enough skills to efficiently clean the other two scans.
    Can I still apply as a cleaner and help work on Cheese for the time being (given I pass the test for the 2 cleaned Cheese scans)?


  5. You need to be able to clean the other two to pass the webtoon cleaner test. the cheese is not always that easy.

  6. As example,
    chapter 22 from season 2

    Image 10.
    Huhuh ^^

  7. I registered for the forums but could not access the Contributions link on this page

    Also, thanks for the recent releases :D


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