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Half Prince 61

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Chapter 61
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  1. I accidentally put this on the novel site... sigh...

  2. NOOOO !!!! they didn't get the chance to meet prince !!
    thanks for the scanlation , seriously I don't think I would love mangas and light novels, if it weren't for this story

  3. thanks guys -from turkey

  4. Oh my god, so soon! Thank you so much, I Love you! <3

  5. Thank youuuu! <3
    But I spotted a grammar error: When Xiao Lan asks Yang Ming how to use the hoverbike, she should be asking for the "brake", not the "break".
    But thanks again, you guys are awesome! :D

  6. Thanks for the info, will get it fixed

  7. thanksss a lot!!!

  8. Thank you so much >w< you rock as ever

  9. What? Two chapters in two weeks? You are spoiling me! Thank you so much !


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