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Cheese in the Trap S2C25

let me sing it
Chapter 25

Follow up of Nam Joo Yeon's life as the judge in "The Voice of Korea" [backstreet version].



  1. Thank You a lot for Cheese! ^v^

  2. Dang, Sul is seriously PO'd! I didn't think she was capable of making such a sinister expression!

    (btw, thanks so much for the new chapter!)

  3. She's been spending to much time with Jung!

  4. Ahhh!~ What a super interesting development!
    Thank you so much for the new chapter! xD

  5. haha good point, Noobzilla x) Personally, I'm rooting for Bak In Ho. Jung's just a shady sociopathic shin-kicker as far as I can tell... Then again, maybe he's just a little sinister because people took advantage of him; perhaps Sul has changed his outlook. BUT didn't he tell Bak In Ho that people don't change? And what kind of psycho cripples someone else's hand? Then again, this manhwa is all about unknown circumstances and misunderstandings, so maybe he was intolerably provoked? AGH--I CAN'T DECIDE! But I guess that's why I love it so much :)

  6. xD then again, your thought may be based on misunderstanding Soonkki want the readers have.

  7. OMG!!! This chapter, it was awesome when I read the summary, and it's even more awesome with all the little bubbles filled. Nam Joo... if it weren't for her, I don't think Jung and Sul would have really started dating. She was a horrible, self-centered catalyst, that had them both paying more attention to each other. I hate her, but without her even realizing it, she played cupid for those two.


    i never thought Joo Yeon was the reason that made that woman go to Sul and make all that trouble. when i finished the chapter, and watched Sul's reaction to what Yeon said, made my heart skip a beat. basically, all the problems Sul had those years, were because Yeon, right? that really pissed me off. i love the author of CITT, it makes everything so real!
    well, each chapter released makes me more anxious to the following ones. This just keeps getting better and better! i'm really excited to the following chapters.

    i hope everything is alright with Odd Squad and keep gettinhg more help. they do need it.
    good luck, keep going! (:


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