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Cheese S2C22

New chapter of Cheese.

Killing Mature Style

"I can deal with it appropriately" can mean so much different things... Always nice to know one can dispose of... people... the mature way ^^

"Why would I be angry at you? I like you. It's just those men I hate." *boyfriend smile*



  1. thank you very much for Cheese in the Trap! :D

  2. Thank you so much! You've done a REALLY good job of translating; the dialogue flows smoothly and the fonts fit perfectly! I really appreciate all the care that has been taken with the translation,typesetting, etc. of this manhwa.

  3. Yeah the proof readers really do a good job making sure the dialogue goes smoothly. xD

  4. these little cheese parody tidbits on the front page make my day. thanks for another great release!

  5. ... Okay, point taken, there are plenty of awkward (not 'smooth' or 'flowing') moments in the manhwa itself (especially b/w hong sul and yoo jung lol) and it's not like the translators can change the content, but I think you know what I meant. All was saying was that they've done a great job of conveying the author's original intent. (And I'm very grateful to them for it! This manhwa is too subtle to be thoroughly understood without a good translation). I don't know the degree of snarkiness intended by your comment, and as a result I may have been excessive in my reply. If so, I apologize. Perhaps 'naturally' would have been a better word for me to use than 'smoothly'. (Although I guess none of it really matters anyway since we both posted anonymously)

  6. I think the other anon meant you should thank proofreaders along with translators for the smoothness. Because Translators bring meaning, and proofreaders bring smoothness and contextual corrections.

  7. It's more fun when people fight over what's happening in the manwha, because when it's about translator and proofreaders, I get the impression the fight is partially our fault xD

    That's not pleasant =<<<

    (I guess the author might feel this way when people argue over what's happening in the manhwa though, hmmmmmmm.... OR she's as master-evil-minded as Jung).

    Yeah people, yeah, ARGUE!!!

  8. (This is the person who wrote the paragraph)

    Thank you for clarifying! It looks like I initially misunderstood what the 2nd anon was saying; they actually did make a very good point (rather than the nit-picky critique I thought they were making). In light of that, I'd like to thank the translators for transferring the meaning so well, and the proofreaders for the smoothness of the dialogue, as well as everyone else on your sizable team roster for the overall quality! (I feel really stupid now for addressing only one person!)

    Btw, I'm sorry for causing you any distress, Doonge. It wasn't your fault at all, it was my ignorance. Thank you for your hard work. :)

  9. My love for cheese overflows. As does my love for grateful anons. Doesn't matter who you thank as long as you thank.:)

  10. I really love this webtoon! I hope more comes out soon! (In english!)


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