Don't ask for release dates

Cheese in the Trap S2C20

What would go through your mind in a situation like this?
Left wondering about what to say and what to ask, or what not to say?

Background Research

I suppose this is the song Sul's awkwardly gasping in this chapter ^^



  1. kissing you baby, loving you baby ~

  2. thanku u sooo much! ahhhh!!! XD you want me to die of happiness!!! kiss from argentina!

  3. Thanks for the quick releases! I can't get enough CiTT!!

  4. Thank you so much! =) but why did she ask his birth day and then they laughed, i didn't understand?

  5. thank you very much for Cheese In the Trap :)))!

  6. Thanks for the release! So happy to see more of Sul and her bad luck! XD

    I wonder who she'll end up!?

  7. thaaank you ! I hugged my brother tightly when i saw the release and he was like : you want money ?! xD

    you make my days

  8. Thank you very muchhh! Your scans bring me joy.

  9. In this situation, I will...
    - ...think that: ;
    - ...try to not say loud what I think;
    - ...said: You are so nice with me, oppa!!!! (=^-^=)
    - ...ask: But that's so fishy... What do you want? Come on, spill the beans, man!!! (-_-)"

    Thank you so much, this chapter was so great!! ^^b


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