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Server suspended

The server we use to distribute translation has been suspended.

Resolving this might take some days.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, if you are really proficient in english and are fond of Cheese in the Trap, consider applying for a proofreader position, 'cause that's the current bottleneck ^^


Update: While waiting for the definitive feed, here's a temporary one :

(copy paste that feed instead of the suspended "" one


  1. What do proofreaders do exactly? do they need to know Chinese/Japanese/Korean? Im an english speaker from South Africa :)

  2. off to apply for proofreader position! im a native english speaker....currently learning korean tho ^^;;;;

  3. Work of a translator is to translate to english. However, the english of our translators is not always perfect (their korean might be better than their english). Even when it is, it's always best to have his own work proofed by someone else anyway.

    A proofreader take the work of a translator, and make sure:
    - the translation is in proper english (depending on the context, characters might not speak shakespeare english of course...).
    - the sentences make sense. The general flow is good.

    That's it.
    From my personnal experience (I never was a real proofreader, because my skills in english are lacking), it's adding some missing punctuation and articles (a/an/the), rewording some expressions that have been literally translated, and removing redundance when needed.

  4. It sucks:( The recruitment form says I must be able to speak Korean or Chinese.

  5. Just try, and say you don't speak korean nor chinese (but you have impeccable english, if that's the case). I'll get a word with the application reviewer.

  6. I would be willing to help... I'm totally badass at English :D *grammar Nazi right here*

  7. English proofreaders don't need chinese or korean. If you wish to apply read the instructions and fill the form here:

  8. Are ya'll still taking recruits? Is there an age requirement?

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