Don't ask for release dates

Hello everyone,
This is a slightly different post than normal. One of our former members, Kenji310, needs your help. His mother was hospitalized for head injury and now remains fully paralyzed.

His family is having trouble affording the medical expenses, so if you guys could perhaps give the following link a read and share it on your facebook, twitter etc, your help will be greatly appreciated!

--- Go here ----

- Noobzilla


  1. Hope everything goes well! :(

  2. Just wanted to say that the fundraiser met its goal and his mother is slowly learning to speak again.

  3. U need help with money o.o thats easy um i can help too ^.^ so if i can transfur 20-25 dollars would be fine right ?? Hmmm i can try more but thats max um would u like my gmail or facebook we csn talk bout the transfur there the i gess i could send it

    Ps. i know i spelt transfur wrong t its cuter that way


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