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Cheese S2C12

New chapter of Cheese in the Trap.

Fabulous Dog Fur

The feed server has been migrated elsewhere. Please update your feed to

(the tutorial will be updated to reflect this).

A few changes were made to chapter 10, following anons' remarks ^^



  1. Thanks i'm waiting for tutorial :)

  2. It's been updated, but it's the same thing except the feed is different ^^

    If you alredy installed the plugin, and the old feed is there, go to:
    menu > Feeds

    and there delete the old feed, and add the new one.

    That's it.

  3. its working now!! thanks again :D

  4. I use safari, and I don't know if the plugin wasn't updated or what, but I'm getting nothing. Sorry to complain.

  5. Safari?
    You use the plugin or the manual method?

    Ahw I have to redo the manual code aswell >_<
    Hang on ^^ It'll be updated in half an hour or something =p

  6. Okay I edited the manual method as soon as I could.
    I'll edit it later again, but right now it should work (there's an extra step because the file is simply the whole plugin code, which requires a feed).

  7. Also, if any Safari user accept to test and discover a bit, here's a Safari Extension that is like Greasemonkey (lets you run automatically your own javascript on websites you choose).

    Try to install it, try to install the userscript (copy paste the content).
    And make it work for (so it works when you are browsing it).

  8. Hi,

    I use Google Chrome and I've been getting "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL" and "Uncaught ReferenceError: one is not defined". I wasn't able to find and update the feed, so it may be because of that, though... Sorry for the trouble!

  9. I use the manual code and am having difficulties imputing the code now-
    When I try to input the code a message pops up saying "naver.reader.user.js Console could not be reached!"

  10. The uncaught syntax error are from this very website, not the script nor (I just opened my own error console, and I found those errors, so I wondered "wtf?", and saw that the errors URLS are from

    So you'll have to give more details about what your situation is, anon from 02/12/2013 19:55

    For the manual code user, redo the exact same thing as you did (so you see this error). Look up at the top-right of the screen, and find the MENU. Open it, select 'Feeds', and delete It's the host that has been suspended.
    Add the new one instead.

  11. Thank you so much!

  12. I get the same error on Chrome and I tried to change the code but I am unclear up to where to delete. Should it look something like this javascript: var oss_js=document.createElement('script');oss_js.type='text/javascript';oss_js.src= '

  13. Well, I got the code to work really nice, and the chapter is awesome as usual. Thanks a lot for the hard work!!

  14. Hi, this is the anon from 02/12/2013 19:55. I used the manual method on Google Chrome, and actually, I'm getting this error now:

    "script" is at the beginning and end of this first error, but the comment wouldn't allow me to paste it here.

    1. < type="text/javascript" src="">

    1. Resource interpreted as Script but transferred with MIME type text/html: "".

    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < suspended:1

    Thank you for your help! ^^;

  15. is the server that has been suspended.

    You are trying to run a script from a dead server. It doesn't work.

    The code has changed, look at the manual code tutorial.

  16. Okay, thank you so much!

  17. can anyone help me please? i'm sort of dumb with theese things so i just can't understand how the hell i activate this code (?).
    i use google chrome, and before, to read CITT, i downloaded to my ' extensions ' your universal code to read it in english. but as far as i know there was some problem with that one, and now the ' naver reader ' doesn't work any longer. how can i make it work? heeeeeeelp ._.

  18. Hi, I tried reading chapter 12 but couldn't since the translation is not aligned with the comic. I input the feed (the new one) a couple of times and even used tried the manual method but it didn't work.

  19. Follow the instructions on the naver addon page (check the menu at the left).

    For the "translation not aligned with the comic", I have no idea for the moment. Someone using an iPad reported this kind of problem not long ago. Do you use an ipad?


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