Don't ask for release dates

Cheese in the Trap S2C10

And one more.

Baek Family

Stay tuned.



  1. Are you kidding?? I think I'm in love with you guys haha, no seriously thanks!!

  2. oh my gosh are you guys serious... haha THANK YOU!!! you guys are going crazy with these CITT updates! luckily for us :)

  3. Another? Oh man, you guys are awesome!! :DD
    It always makes my day to see another CITT update T__T///
    Thank you so much!

  4. OMG!!!!! thank uuuu!!! I just can say that! THANK U!!!! LOVE YOU <3 <3

  5. I feel like I'm being spoiled with so many releases after such a long time... I'll just cry of happiness AFTER I read this one ;P

  6. THANK YOU!!... and btw the translation is kind of weird on some parts.

  7. Wow in two days!!!!!!!! 8D I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Please say when and where the translation feels weird anywhere, we are able to correct it quite quickly due to how the addon works.

    The only one time I felt weird was when In Ha spoke, but it was intentionnal apparently, so I was asked not to change anything at that moment.

  9. Oh my gosh, thank you sooo much, that was fast! You are my hereos :)! Thanks for your hard work!!!

  10. To Doonge,
    Weird parts... to me
    In Ha: I have [a] bump on the... /or maybe: I bumped the back of my head...
    Jung: You [just] can't keep it...[,]then [you] overreact... (it would make that sentence clearer)
    And I would put "the" before chairman when In Ha speaks, but that's probably intentional to make her sound childish.
    In Ha: If you just [were] nice to me...
    In Ho: Still I thought she [was] a good for...
    In Ho: What lets you [do that/it]? (I don't see a mistake here. This is just a suggestion)
    I'm not an English graduate nor a grammar expert. This are just small things that may or may not need to be corrected. And it's in no way the start of a topic.
    AND... just thank you for sucha great work you all do.

  11. I'll launch a thread in the forum for such matter.

    Most of the corrections you proposed were already discussed, but I'll insist a little more to squeeze alternate versions more clear (In Ho: "Sill I thought ..." has already a proposition for an alternate sentence).


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