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Cheese in the Trap S1C1 to S1C25

Webtoon Live chapters

Heya fellas!

It is now possible for you and for newcomers to discover Cheese starting the first chapter, courtesy of WebtoonLive who authorized the use of their releases.

Thanks to this team, who made us discover this wonderful manhwa.

Thanks to Yuko1909, Maxcmoi, Dsaerg, Infinite_codex and Olive for their work.

The first chapter is accessible on
[ here ]

Files were adapted to work with the plugin, but only briefly checked after the conversion process.
If you discover little problems, please let us know.



  1. I was feeling kind of down but.. but this is so amazing! Thanks for the extra effort so that we can read more fluently.

  2. Hey! First, Thank you so much for all the work you're doing ! It's completely great! :)
    Second, I have trouble with the naver addon: it used to work completely fine with Firefox, but right now it's not working for me on *Firefox 18*. It asks to add a flux but when I do add "", it says "Feed not working". Has anyone had the same problem ? When I use the manual code, it works but it's a bit annoying to do that for every chapter^^

  3. Wow, 25 chapter? You've worked hard! I have to read them again (read Yuko1909's summaries before while switching to Naver). Some of my favorite Jung-reactions are in these chapters! ^^
    Thank you so much!You guys kick ass!

  4. Sometimes the x10 server (hosting the feed) is shut down. If it doesn't work at some point, just try 1 or 2 hours later (or the next day), chances are it will work.

    The big test to make is just access
    If it returns something like "{}", the feed should work.
    It it returns a 404 error or a 500 error, or anything not ressembling a simple "{}", then the feed is temporarily shut down.

  5. TO anonymous before Doonge, chapter 1 to 24 were done by webtoonlive long before we began, please make sure to thank them~

  6. @Doonge: Thanks a lot ! It seems that were the case. That's good to know so I won't freak out in the future :)
    Now I can go and read Citt from the beginning :D

  7. To Noobzilla:
    Yes, I'm aware, I've followed them for a long time. I was momentarily confused about when Soon Ki asked people to stop scanlations so in my befuddlement I wrote Yuko1909's summaries instead of Webtoonlive's scanlations and secretly hoped nothing was wrong. Though I realised it immediatly after and hoped nobody would notice...
    I don't mean that Webtoonlive didn't work hard (they certainly did!) just that it was a surprise Odd Squad so soon after the previous release published 25(!) new (well, kinda) chapters, even with already finished translations.
    And I have thanked them though it was rather long ago. Maybe it's time to be more active? Thank you for keeping people up to date though!

  8. To Noobzilla:
    By the way, does the Reply button only work if you're logged in?
    Same Anonymous

  9. doesn't seem to <,< faulty blogger.


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