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Pink Lady 6-10 + Cheese s2c03

Bits of Pink Lady and some Cheese!
You can read these by simply browsing if you use the lil' plugin. Otherwise, you can now use the old code insertion method using the 'universal code' below:

javascript: var oss_js=document.createElement('script');oss_js.type='text/javascript';oss_js.src= ''; document.body.appendChild(oss_js);
Note that this universal code does the same thing as the plugin, except you have to run it manually. And the translation goes away if you refresh the page.

The links:



  1. Yay, more Pink Lady! That webtoon is the most beautiful comic I've ever read O.O

  2. thank you for cheese in the trap :D

  3. hi!! think the universal code dose not work on pink lady's 8 I wrong?....THANK U!!!!!

  4. It works on Pink's Lady chapter 8.

    But there's a chapter between 8 and 9 that has not been translated, it's a special chapter, announcing chapter 9.

  5. Thank you very, very, extremely much for doing Cheese in the Trap. Definitely a personal fave of mine :D

  6. Thank you for cheese in the trap! and welcome back!

  7. Yay, thank you so much for the new CITT chapter! :D Sul sure has some scary parents though. :O

  8. Thanks so much. These chapters were awesome!


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