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New addon for Webtoons + Pink Lady 1-5

I know we have been inactive lately, but we will pick up the pace sometime soon. We have a new project (well its been lying unreleased for ages now). So here it is, Pink Lady

More importantly, we are  distributing a more efficient addon which will no longer require separate addons for multiple projects. And will also allow other teams to use it for their own projects (without us having to intervene).
So here's the addon. You have to replace the old one anyway since the old cheese links are no longer working.

Naver Scanlation Loader 1.0   
 >> Download  <<<

Chrome / Opera (instructions here)
>> Download  <<<

After installation all you have to do is go to a naver webtoon series and copy paste the following link into box asking for a "feed"
Oddsquad Feed:

How to disable old addon:
Chrome: Go to chrome://chrome/extensions/   --> find the Addon in the list and click remove
Firefox: Go to  about:addons  --> --> find the Addon in the list and click remove


  1. YESSSS finally Pink Lady is picked up ;o;

    Thank you so much! And happy summer to the Odd Squad staff :D

  2. Yay! ^-^
    I missed you guys so much!!!
    And you even updated eclipse hunter. Kyaaaaaaaa!

  3. Thanks for e chapters! In chapter two of pink lady, where it says something like the theme of today is Edgar, it probably should say that the theme is Degas.

  4. SOOOOOO happy to see an update!!!! WOOO!!!!
    Many thanks!

  5. waaaaaah I think I'm going to cry right about now
    I really missed you guys u r so cruel *hugs*

    thanks for coming back and for picking up pink lady actually I have been thinking of suggesting it to you
    I wish that you'll come back with new chapters of cheese in the trap

    keep up the good work and don't let us miss u anymore

  6. Where is the Prince? D:

  7. Uh, I'm having a bit problem with the new add-on. I can't paste the "feed"! I tried typing it manually, but it still won't work.

    I'm using Chrome, by the way. It will be swell if you could tell me what's wrong.



    That's the feed that is to be pasted, no white space, no "Oddsquad feed :", else it will do nothing.
    Typing manually things is hard on the naver website, because special letters don't work (for me), as '/' or even '.', but it's doable. But copy-paste works for me (chrome). Make sure you just copy-paste the url.

  9. Help! I have the same problem with anonymous 19 June 2012 05:26, except with Firefox. I've tried using the oddsquad feed url. When I try to type it in, " " ends up as " http// " since for some reason the double colon won't type in.


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