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  1. Thanks!
    What does the "No Cut" thing at the bottom mean??

  2. The Korean government is putting the 19+ mark on webtoons and manhwas that should only be 13+. There are 21 titles that are being registered as 19+, (though Gepetto isn't one of them) the authors are participating in the campaign 'No Cut' to stop this rampage of the Korean government. Similiar incidents had happened back in the 1970's, which totally killed the Korean manhwa industry... They put a 'Rated R' so many famous titles... That weren't even that suggestive or violent. The authors are gathering up to protest.

  3. EasyGoingScans are also releasing this.
    Are you gonna oppose them?

  4. A shame about the no cut movement; it really shouldn't be necessary. I really like the code you created to overlay the translation, it is a great method to keep the authors happy.

  5. The Korean government is blaming Teen Violence, bullying, drug / alchohol / cigarette abuse on WEBTOONS. It's unbelievable. They should step up and actually go to those schools with problems, and try to solve it, not put a Rated R mark on webtoons whos plots don't root themselves in all those crap. They only have a few frames containing those stuff, necessary to keep the story going... -sigh- Unbelievable how our taxes go to feed these morons that sit at a desk and put '19+' stickers on webtoons.

    @Glee, we are aware of Easy Going Scanlations releasing this. It really won't stop us from releasing Gepetto. I mean, we obviously can have an immature debate that will drag on for hours and hours about who claimed it, who released it first, etc. Let them do what they want to do- we'll do what we want to do.

  6. In all honesty, I'll always prefer to come to your site for translations because of the fact you use codes to support the original author. ^^v Very commendable of you, I wish all webtoon scanlators did this (seriously, using a code isn't even hard anyway...I read the instructions once and voila! Magic!). :)

    Thank you for translating this webtoon!! It may be new but it has a lot of potential and is totally in my 'well-loved' genre. ^^v

  7. @Glee:
    To state the facts without bias -
    - We picked up Gepetto shortly after the prologue was uploaded on Naver.
    - We released the prologue scanlation on 02/06/12. EGS picked it up the same day.
    - They released their Gepetto scanlation on 02/14/12.

    Anyway, "oppose" is kinda an odd term; like Sugarpie says, we're just scanlating and they're just scanlating.

  8. EGScans has a rather strange definition of "pick up" then. For example, KMTS started and continued to scanlate "ID" for a long time. KMTS transitioned into the A-Team and of course continued to scanlate. They had purchased the raws for ID up to 26 or so, but around that time of the watermark debate, EGScans decided to try to take away ID from the A-Team by pushing out a bunch of releases super fast. They then shoved a whole volume all at once to widen the gap between A-Team releases and theirs. So, it was obviously a "hostile" takeover from the way EGScans allocated their team priority towards ID releases. Once they noticed A-Team was discouraged and stopped on ID, EGScans slowed way down on the releases which only reinforces that their speedy releases were due to the fear that A-Team would attempt to defend the title that they had done so very much scanlation work on.

  9. >...we're just scanlating and they're just scanlating.

    Well, that's is the kindly viewpoint from Oddsquad. But I don't think that is EGS's style. From EGS history, they take on titles and then take them over. Their pattern so far suggests they WANT to become the main korean scanlation site for all the prominent titles. That's probably why they stole the crown jewel ID away from A-Team. Maybe even MF or other sites pay EGS under the table.

    The problem now is that EGS releases scans to Mangafox and other piracy-for-profit aggregators which will annoy the author and publisher. How many fans will read it with your overlay when they can use an aggregator or download it from EGS at their Gepetto mediafire folder?

    Another problem is EGS doesn't put the author's name on the body of the manga. So if the EGS scanlation credit page is discarded by the downloader, the manga's author is "anonymous". Yet another annoying thing is that EGS puts their logos twice on the credits always bigger than either the title or author's name in the middle top/bottom and then makes the author's name smaller and in the corner.

  10. Hmm...according to the OSS consensus, most of us don't care about EGS at all. We only scanlate GP because we want to, and someone else doing the same doesn't discourage us.

    Plus, GP is a new series, and we're up to date; they won't be able to scanlate far ahead of us. Your concern is appreciated though. :)

  11. :D Thanks for another chapter in this interesting series!!


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