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Gepetto Chapter 0

Type: Korean webtoon
Summary: Dr Gepetto left behind an inheritance. Now for domination, for survival, for love begins the battle to claim Dr. Gepetto's inheritance
Genre: Shounen?, Sci-fi, Action, Romance

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  1. Thanks! Looks like this is by the same person that made In Full Bloom (but with a big improvement in the art it seems), I am looking forward to it.

  2. Ummm, isn't you all always short of people? So, why did you add more and more projects?

  3. We picked up more than just this project, live with it.

    Readers - We have no typesetter at all at the moment so someone with ample time on their hands please apply - we need you for half prince, cheese, and lsk.

  4. ooohhh.... a little touchy there, huh? relax for a minute dude. BTW, thanks for the translations*x*

  5. egscans is also doing this i think.... just saying


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