Don't ask for release dates

Cheese in the Trap - c25.5 + c26

Go to the main Cheese in the Trap page to find the relevant codes. And again please do not take it upon yourself to make "scanlations" out of our work.
The instructions on how to use them will be in this page


  1. so fast you're amazing
    thank you

  2. By the way how did you get permission? I thought the author didn't allow scanlations? Anyway thank you very much for all your hard work :D


  3. Odd Squad is using a coding method's not "scanalation" per se.
    The staff didn't "touch" the webcomic..I guess this is just one of those loop holes. xD

  4. Yep law always have loopholes, and as long as there's no law written against it, its legal.

  5. love this!! thanks so much - you guys are geniuses for figuring out the loop hole, there's so much dialogue that wasn't in the summmaries : )

  6. Hi Oddsquad,

    I thought you might want to know. Someone is using your work on CITT to scanlate it and to put it on big mangaviewers. Here is one of the numerous link:

  7. Well we don't know for certain if its our work. Anyway c27 is now on hold.. and i wanted to release it today ;_;


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