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Legend of the Sun Knight chapter 9

We still need cleaners for Sun Knight. Wanna know if you can be a cleaner? Try to get rid of all text in one of our cluttered looking released pages and restore the images under it. It should look as if the text was never there (no glitches either).

Also we are recruiting typesetters that are willing to do webtoon colour cleaning. This is easier by far.


  1. i suggest recruiting a proofreader as well.. the grammar here is........ and the wording as well......... I'm a bit too used to the writing style in the LSK novel, so that's why I was a little weirded out reading this.

    thank you for your work!

  2. I flipped when I saw roland's illustration XD aww so cute!! to quote: 'why would I hate you?' is the cutest part >< thank youu for the chapter :D

  3. Ty for the chapter!

    Btw! Is the typesetter suppose to do "color cleanning." I though that was cleaner or editor jobs....

  4. thnx alot
    i want to ask if u guy are still doing EH because
    i know some people interested in working on the project

  5. @ah:
    There's a reason why this is a manga instead of a novel.
    If you think you can do better in squeezing the inappropriate wordiness of LSK into a minuscule bubble, please go ahead and apply as a proofreader.
    We promise to be completely impartial.
    Talent, without an incendiary personality, is always welcome.

  6. I loved the reunion between Roland and Creus. Their friendship was just so cute~ ;u; It was a nice chapter. Thanks for the hard work! Good luck finding recruitments. c:


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