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Moonlight Sculptor Contest Results!

Moonlight Dagger - Gavi
Hello everyone! The contest results are finally out. I'll leave the explanation for why we are being slow in another post. More importantly, we are rewarding the first and second place winners a bit more than we previously announced by giving the first place winner a permanent place in oddsquad. And the second place winners. a semi permanent, limited access. The third place was made on the spot... so reward is yet undecided >< Now for the contest results.

Third Place
Raem.Memiroa's: Night
Night - Raem Memiroa

Second Place (TIE)
elkin's Moonlight Sculptor
Moonlight Sculptor - elkin

Moonlight Dagger - Gavi

Congratulations to ALL The winners. And a huge thank you to everyone that participated. It was rather difficult choosing the winner because we had some really nice entries ;). At least e have lots of LMS fanart now which we never had before. Now for some of the honorable mentions among our contest participants (in no particular order):
Unamed - Arcedemius (if only this was colored....)
Seoyoon - Lareyn
Frozen in Time - Seoyoon the fiery icequeen: Lebby
Raem.Memiroa - Weed

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