Don't ask for release dates

Delay in releases

OSS has been functioning slowly. It's obvious. It's not because we don't have enough staff or because we intend to drop projects. Simply RL has kicked in for me and many others, doesn't help that the person who usually gets people back into shape is in bad shape herself (ahem). I'm in charge of recruitment too, so go figure why I haven't been replying to your recruitment applications as frequently.

We're trying to fix this, so bear with us. Meanwhile we will release HP as it gets released (bimonthly remember).

Moonlight sculptor will have more priority for release over Eclipse Hunter (we simply have more fans for LMS... Nezha will be delayed, we didn't really get into the main story yet so better to do that when we are more free. Sun Knight... depends on our dear cleaners ... it always has. damn the sparkles.


  1. Thanks for giving an update it's nice to know.

  2. Thanks for the update, though I didn't doubt you're doing the best you can

    a shame that EH has less priority... guess I'll have to start LMS one of these days...

    good luck with your RL


  3. Yes! LMS! W00T!

    Haha, thanks for the info. :P

    And if you need moral support just talk to us on the forums, we're friends after all right?

    ~ Calan

  4. Thanks for the update, big fan of LMS.

  5. THEY'RE ALIVE (again)! Thanks for the update. I was hoping that you guys didn't fall off the face of the Earth and go into hiding from the FBI/CIA. :D

    Good luck with real life! (And yes! One point for LMS, 0 for EH) x3

  6. lovely, thanks a lot for all the effort your putting into this. The thing about LMS and EH doesn't really concern me 2 much since I read both and enjoy both equally :p.

  7. I m happy as long as i don't hear anything about you guys intend to drop any projects and always grateful for your hard work. I know it's hard to clean SK, too many sparkles so i m not gonna complain about anything. Once again, Thank you so much for your hard work *bows*

  8. Those sparkles in Sun Knight are really everywhere. Must be a pain to clean with them cluttering up the pages.

  9. It's great to hear from you.
    Good luck in translating novels and mangas.

    Your great efforts are really appreciated.

  10. thnx for the update
    u guys have life's too i understand u been busy especially since school started
    there are exam, club and other thing to take care of
    although it sad to see EH not prioritize but at least the will be LMS

  11. Thx for the update!
    Love the update, btw. it's really funny

  12. Thanks for the update. I love both EH and LMS, but I'm leaning a little on the LMS side right now. Maybe PrinceRevo could give a hand with EH?
    Anyways, gambatte.

  13. Thank you for the update. Its nice to know that LMS is being given priority.


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