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Moonlight Sculptor + Eclipse Hunter v2c2

Moonlight Sculptor
Having hit jackpot by selling his game character, poor Harn Lee journeys through the mmo - Royal Road to make more and more money.

Wanted! Korean Translators for translating this novel. Follow the recruitment page to apply!
You will find EH v2c2 in our novel site.


  1. Thank you for sharing! Hope you have a great day!

  2. Thanks ~ also hopefully Korean translator join up

  3. I think that vol. 1 of TMLS is released in English. You can also use Google translate or something and translate chunks of it at a time...

    hope that helps!
    thx for the chapters!

  4. some say that translaiting it to jap then english helps exept whit names

  5. Oh yeah, about the google trans,
    they mess up grammer pretty bad, so watch out! they do direct trans sometimes, so if it was french and i wanted to translate
    "Je besoin une robe en soie blanc", if it was direct, it would be
    "I need a dress in silk black"
    But french is translated non-direct, so that's different.

  6. thx a lot~~~

  7. Just started reading Moonlight Sculptor, it's wonderful, thanks for picking it up!

  8. Wow! Moonlight Sculptor is really addicting! I love it!

  9. o great flying spaghetti monster let all 30+ vols get translated

  10. awesome , thank you


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