Don't ask for release dates

Recruitment OPEN!

Okay so busy part of the year is still ongoing and we don't have enough hands on deck.

We need translators for the Novel AND the mangas. You can choose to do either, or both. the specifications of what we want in a translator is on the recruitment page.

Cleaners/Editors wanted. Check the recruitment page for requirements

Note: Proofreaders who speak only English are now welcome to apply, though we don't particularly need any at the moment.


  1. i never clean any mangas but im adept at using adobe Photoshop is it possible for me to help . if it's possible please respond to my mail

  2. uh-oh...i do speak only English...btw...what is proofreaders' job?

  3. i speak english and am willing to apply for the job

  4. I'm going to see if any of my chinese friends will be able to work for you as i'm dying for more 1/2 Prince xD

  5. hi i'm MidNight
    i'm willing to work for u guys =)
    i know how to clear n translate chinese to eng
    so mail the pic or file to me at

    if can pls tell me what type of font u guys using n if can pls send me the font file also pls n thanks


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