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Sun Knight c03

The long awaited Sun knight chapter 3. I can't quite say how hard scanlating Sun Knight is... huge chunks of texts, so much detail to be redrawn.. screentones everywhere..
well thats why it took to long, and because september was a Real-life-busy time for everyone.

       Some good news for Sun Knight fans, it seems the artist has been taking advice from the readers, and has made chapters in volume 2 (which comes out in november) much much less sparkly, and the characters are more "mature" looking. Enjoy chapter 3, its VERY long - but fun~

Sun Knight Chapter 3


  1. Thank you so much!! When will ch 4 come out? >////<

  2. Waah~
    Thanks for the chapter oss! <3

  3. sweeeetttt!!! thanks for this hehe i cnat wiat to see more hotnes hahaha

  4. OSS = pure awesomeness :) Thank you very much =D

  5. thank you very muchx1000000 for chapters ^^

  6. Yay bishies!
    <3 You guys for your hard work as always

  7. You do a great job and yeah you can so tell its a hard one to do thanks for taking the effort for all of us lazy leachers to enjoy.

  8. omg.. thank you very muchhhhhh!!!!!! xDDD this new chapter was good.. but i do think the leaf knight look kind of too young.. almost like a girl i should said but anyway! thank you for the scans!!

  9. Thank you for releasing this series. When I just look at the amount of editing needed, I cringe. I can only image the amount of effort and time needed to fact, I would have ran away from this series! ><; Thank you for dedication to this series! And Half Prince, of course!

  10. Thank you for the update1
    I'm glad the art will look more mature since i tought it was too girly (and i'm a girl so it says much), it will be a change for the better.
    The last page, the joke page, was hilarious... XD
    congratulations on inventing that double meaning phrase!

  11. Eh? Joke page? there was no joke page with chapter 3... you the thing about getting attacked from behind? Thats part of the story!

  12. Thanks so SO much for all your hard work!!!!

    now i'm gonna take a good look at the Ice Knight *_*

    hugs & kisses <3

  13. About the joke page... SORRY i re-readed chapter 2 and mistook that page with chapter 3. Now it explained why i tought it didn't took that much time since the last release. Sorry again >.<.
    I did know the attack was real since i read the novel(translated in english), and this page with the novel and the story of Roland that appeared only in chapter 2 make a light appear in my brain (you know what i'm thinking, don't you?)
    So i'm really happy that the manga is giving a additional info about the characters and the story! Many thanks XDD

  14. yess!!

    thx for scanning it!

    i thought it'll no more scanning TOT!!

    i really like this story! ><

    thx againnn!!

    PS. waiting for chp.4 still ^^

  15. Eeeeeh? They made it less sparkly? D:
    I loved it all sparkly....
    Are they still as cute and stuff? Or is it just mature...ness...


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