Don't ask for release dates

Wanted: Proofreader

Hello~ we need a shoujo loving proofreader for Migawari Hakushaku.  You have to be the type that doesn't mind reading fluffy shoujo, or literally loves it. (Probably female...)

1) Must be Shoujo manga fan,
3) must know Chinese (since we are using Chinese raws)
2) Rest of the requirements:  Read here

For people who keeps asking about half prince, its not out yet. And us scanlating other projects will have no effect on our 1/2 Prince scanlating speed.


  1. I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for translating all these great Manhaws so Thank You very much you guys are amazing

  2. the correct term should be Manhua, since it's chinese, manhwa are korean and manga japanese(oh really...)

  3. If you are going to nitpick about semantics, let me inform you Migawari hakushaku for which we are recruiting proofreaders is a japanese manga--- we are only using the chinese raws. (which just makes its a Japanese -> Chinese -> English translated manga)

  4. true just look at the name! since its jap it probably is a manga

  5. Only in english do we actually have these differences. In Japan, manga encompasses all the types of comics. Same for man hua for the chinese and man hwa for the koreans.. they do not differentiate the source of the work. To them it is all the same thing. The english manga/manhua/manhwa/comic fanbase is the only one who has come up with these differentiating criteria which i must admit.. am a victim of as well.

  6. ..... lets just call them all comic books then XD

  7. Ahh, I want to help out as a proofreader but I don't understand Chinese... T______T

  8. I would agree that we should call them all "comics", except that manga is VERY different from American graphic novels.

    I think we should keep them separate, but not jump on people for getting the wrong word.

    if you want an all-encompassing word, "graphic novels" works fine. but i don't like the idea of lumping American works in with Asian works under "comics", because most Americans think of the Marvel/DC/Dark Horse/etc. comics or the newspaper comic strips when they hear the words "comic book".

    anyway, back on topic...i really would love to help out, if i could. i've wanted to help with something like this for some time, and i've even found myself filling out applications, but i have to stop myself when i realize i don't have enough time. **cries** i really wish i could give back though!!

  9. Unfortunately the term "graphic novel" also encompasses a huge amount of american works. If you're looking for a general term "manga" is the most workable. It defines the general style of any manga, manhua or manwha and since they all have the same subcategories and fanbase it makes sense that the most recognizable word should be all-encompassing.

    The mangakas or their alternate-language counterparts don't care what we use to define them and neither should we.

  10. wait... why would you need to know chinese? i thought proofreaders just read over the final English product looking for mistakes?

  11. I was about ready to pounce on this thread... then I saw the 'must to chinese' the best i can do your you is hello, thankyou and 1-5.... if it was just checking the english I'd epicly love to help though! ^_^

  12. Well in this case we need a proofreaer that knows Chinese 'cause the translations might make no sense sometimes, and someone needs to correct that, along with at least another Grammar/punctuation Nazi.... That's pretty much why


  13. I was really up for the job until I saw the "must know chinese" requirement. Then, I considered learning Chinese. So, I might not be able to help for 10 years. =)))

    Anyway, thank you very much for making this awesome manga/manhua readable for us non- Chinese/Japanese speaking people! :D

    I love the Odd Squad Scanlations Team! <3


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